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How to save money while planning your special day!


Are you getting married in one of the most expensive locations in the US?  If you are an LJ bride then most likely your answer will be yes.  Here is a list we have created here at the office that can provide you with some extra cash after your wedding day for things like an amazing honeymoon, house, or a baby!

1. Learn how to negotiate with vendors:  Never fear asking if thats the best the vendor can do, price wise.  Ask them for their opinion on how to save money on their packages.  Most likely, the vendor will work with you and give you options within your budget.

2. Centerpieces:  Over 75% of the weddings we have attended the centerpieces are these large ornate bouquets that scream TOO expensive.  Ask your florist for smaller options, cheaper flowers, and other centerpiece options that require less flowers.  Another tip: think outside of the box and look for other centerpiece ideas such as candelabras, birdcages, wine bottles, feathers, or more.  

3. Favors:  When is the last time you left a party with the favor and said, Oh, my word I really needed another corkscrew or useless doodad that will end up collecting dust.  Another way to thank your guests is by making a donation on their behalf to an organization that hits close to home such as Kicking 4 Celiac, American Heart Association, and/or American Cancer Society.

4. Limousines:  The last thing you need is 3 different limos driving to the same exact place.  Our suggestion is to get a party bus which has room for up to 50 people, food, and more alcohol.  They come equip with more head room as well so your bridal party will not have to crouch down and get all wrinkled before their grand entrance at the reception. You can also add some character to your wedding and rent a school bus for approximately $200-300 for the day!

5. Seat Covers:  Honestly, who even remembers that you had seat covers?  Remember people sit on them so it is one of the last details any guest will rave about.  Most of the time they end up annoying your guests because they just fall apart and end up on the floor by the end of the night.

6. Photography & Videography:  My fiance and I did our own little survey of our married friends to decide whether or not we needed a videographer.  Our conclusion was that they only watch their video once its completed and it ends up right along with all their other movies collecting dust on a shelf.  So with that being said, you can skip the video and hire a quality photographer who is skilled in the art of photojournalism.  They will capture great candids that will last a lifetime and speak wonders.  Another hint, do not have your photographer make a photo album which can add up to $600 to the bill.  They will provide you with a dvd of all your proofs and at some point you can either make your own album or online slideshow.

7.  Food:  One way to save on food is by lengthening your cocktail hour.   You can have a never-ending cocktail hour which provides your guests with passed Hors D’oeuvres for a few hours.  Another option is to have the buffet option where there is no sit down dinner but a buffet with more options.  Also, skip all the add ons that will increase your per person price by $5-20.

8. Rehearsal Dinner:  Who said that the rehearsal dinner had to be a mini version of your wedding day?  Instead of the same old sit down dinner in a fancy restaurant, have a luau in your yard, a backyard bbq, or even a pizza party! Get creative and think outside of the box for this one.  This is another chance for your bridal party to mingle making the wedding day that much more intimate.

Do you have any ideas that we may have missed?  Leave us a comment below, on facebook, or via twitter! 

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<3 Mariza

Whitney, tormented while alive but celebrated in death. Why the media has a bipolar relationship with the famous.

Whitney Houston, a Newark, New Jersey native, was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday, February 11th 2012 at a very young 48 years of age.  Whitney sold 170 million albums, singles, and videos and set records by having 7 consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hits (Whitney Houston’s website).  She is still the only artist who has seven consecutive multi-platinum albums while her rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” has gone 4x platinum.  Guinness World Records has listed Whitney as musics, “most awarded female artist of all time”.  Her humanitarian efforts reached organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the United Negro College Fund, and the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.  Her voice captured audiences around the world and inspired many artists we listen to today.  But with such a tremendous career you would think that the latest news on Whitney would be positive.  Most recently, we have heard all about Whitneys drug abuse, turbulent relationship with Bobbi Brown, failed recovery, and financial woes.  I feel awful especially for her daughter who has lost her mother at the young age of 18, and for her family who has lost a daughter, sister, and more.

Who I do not feel for is the media and their exploitation of Whitney, both alive and dead.  Yes, we lost an amazing artist but we can always remember her through her music which was really the only way we ever felt her presence in our daily lives.  The media has caused Whitney’s death to become a spectacle.  Particularly, people like Nancy Grace and her counter-parts have put their two cents in and continue to cause more pain for the family than they have already suffered.  I do believe that Nancy Grace is by far one of the most disgusting public figures out there who will spew out any information she believes is true regardless of its impact for ratings.  How dare she allege that someone physically drowned her without any autopsy results or police reports to confirm this information.  Unfortunately, it seems as if there is a trend of celebrities losing control of their lives, careers, and more.  This isn’t the first artist in recent times to die due to alcohol or drug abuse, remember Michael and Amy?  These artists are public figures and they acknowledge this when they sign contracts and endorsement deals, but their private lives and struggles should never be up for debate unless they publicly acknowledge their inner demons.  But lets all remember that it was the media who put all of Whitney’s business out there for everyone to chew up and spit out.  As Whitney’s life spiraled out of control they were the first to report and judge the famed singer on a regular basis, again, just for sensationalism.  Now that Whitney has passed they fail to mention all of the previous reports of her drug and alcohol abuse and celebrate her as Americas sweetheart.  Recovering from addiction is not an easy journey to conquer especially in the public eye.  Of course we do not know what Whitney has died of just yet but she did die alone in a bathtub…and we can only speculate what the cause of death is.  Everyone needs to stop making assumptions until the results are released and let Whitney rest in peace and her family mourn respectfully.

RIP Whitney

Whitney Houston- I will always love you

<3 mariza

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