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The Most Creative Proposal EVER!

The Wedding Proposal Idea

          Imagine: A woman standing on a beach while here face is being angelically lit by the champagne pink sunset flashing its glorious glow. Just then, as she is staring into the distance of nature’s beauty her soon to be husband gets down on one knee and proposes. Also keep in mind the thoughts of being barefoot amongst sand, the white clothes, and the most other stereotypical thoughts a beach proposal would be comprised of. The word stereotypical lies in the previous sentence because a beach proposal is now sadly stereotypical. It has been done before, and it floats around social media like a bag in the wind. Time itself and social media has made some of the “classic” wedding proposals just a sad “cliché” in a world begging for attention with an X-factor. Some examples of the classic proposals include but are not limited to, asking: at the first place the couple went on a date, at a family gathering in a nice restaurant, on a picnic date, on a major holiday such as Christmas, etc. (Just Blahhh)

Nonetheless: Rejoice! New age wedding proposals are upon us.

          New age proposals are beginning to pop-up everywhere with elaborate setups and weeks of planning that were needed to make the event happen. They are now viewable on sites such as YouTube making so many people smile and rejoice that love is alive in such a grand way. One example of a new age proposal is the dance flash mob engagement where elaborate choreographed setups in the middle of large public places commence where the proposal will happen. Another new age idea is at a movie theater where a trailer is the engagement question to an unexpected soon to be bride thinking she was just going to the movies with her boyfriend. After she says yes, unbeknownst to her, she turns around and sees all her family and friends sitting in the audience which adds even more of a dramatic beauty to the experience making the whole setup priceless. Those are just two small examples of new age proposals; however, one just recently happened at an LJDJS event involving a spectacular undertaking and flawless execution. Not to mention the owner of , Jack Bermeo, was the man who asked his girlfriend Sophia to be his bride.


The Wedding Proposal Idea: Ask Sophia to be married at another wedding.

        In this moment you may be slightly confused, which is understandable to anyone not accustomed to the new age of exciting proposals, but here is a quick yet elaborate breakdown. The set up began ONLY seven days in advance when actor Daniel Micucci begun playing his role of coming back into town as one of Jack’s “friends from the clubbing days.” Daniel made his “reappearance” at Jack’s son’s first birthday party, where he pretended to have conversations with the people in the room “he hadn’t seen in so long.” Eventually, he made his rounds and spoke to Sophia about his fictional and elaborate back story of how he is having a wedding reception in New Jersey, but having a small ceremony in New York City with his soon to be husband. His New York home and career was the reasoning of him leaving his friends for a few years, and of course good ol’ Jack and his family would be invited to come to his wedding reception. It was a potentially difficult sell, but after the birthday party had ended the plans were right on track as Sophia expected nothing suspicious. On a side note, yes, you heard right. The fake wedding reception was for that of a gay couple. Being that love is love no matter what, LJDJS had no fear in pushing the fading societal norms and welcoming the new age ideology for this event. A few weeks after the first birthday party setup, it was show time. The event was set to happen in Woodridge N.J at The Fiesta. ( Upon first walking into the venue, actors Christopher Ghanem and Micucci’s faces were on a giant blown up fake engagement photo. Upon turning the corner past the table with fake name cards into the lavishly decorated room with beautiful floral center pieces a fake four tier wedding cake (done by Sarah Belote and Daniel Micucci at The at Liberty Corner N.J.) was perched high on a satin covered table in a side corner. As the music played during cocktail hour by a violinist, so did large video screens playing a collage of the grooms from younger years to when they first met each other. Of course all was captured by our AWESOME friends at MPW Media Group.

danny and crhi

(Grooms: Miccucci and Ghanem Fake Engagement Shoot)

IMG_4911 IMG_4904

IMG_4903 IMG_4902

(Left: Actors and Client)

(Right: Fake Names)

(Bottom Left: Ring Bearer)

(Bottom Right: Fake Centerpieces)

 (Fake Wedding Cake)

        The fake bridal party was made up of friends, family, and complete strangers who were all wearing matching corsages, and colors. The grooms were dressed in pink Tuxedos looking “fabulous.” When Jack and Sophia arrived to the event and entered the room admiring the fake engagement photo, the actors began working the room. They said hello to every person there like they had known them for years, and alas it was time to greet Sophia. The conversation was vague, but poignant leaving off with a, “so glad you could make it” as Ghanem smiled and walked away. The bridal party then left the room to make their entrance. As the DJ called out names the bridal party entered the room being introduced as bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family. We even purposely asked one of the bridesmaid to trip two times to deter from the perfection factor making the reception more realistic. Finally, it was time for Ghanem and Micucci to have their first dance. Their names were called and they walked onto the floor initially dancing for fun, but then got more serious when All of Me by John Legend began to play. The grooms slow danced, smooched, and pretended to tear selling the audience, but more importantly Sophia. About thirty seconds into the playing of the song the DJ asked all members attending the wedding to join the grooms on the dance floor, in which everyone did. The entire crowd danced for a moment and then slowly moved out to the edges leaving only Jack and Sophia standing center stage. At this moment, the video screens switched over to photos of Jack and Sophia, simultaneously while the couple’s true friends and family began sneaking out of the side door from the upstairs. As Sophia and Jack were entangled in a moment of passion, dry ice rolled over the dance floor making it appear as if the couple was dancing on a cloud. That is when Jack whispered words to Sophia and got down on his one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. It took a few moments for Sophia to understand the surprise occurring, but she accepted which brought the room to tears of joy. After the acceptance of the ring she turned around seeing her friends and family who were flew in from Las Vegas which brought on an even deeper level of beautiful emotion in the room. From that moment on it was the surprise engagement party for Jack and Sophia. With an elaborate setup, a great group of cooperative people, and the use of The LJDJS company a modern day wedding proposal was accomplished. From the defiance of societal norms about a gay couple to the ultimate surprise of proposing at someone else’s wedding it was exciting and will be spoken about for a lifetime amongst the participants. It was not just a moment: it was an experience.

In conclusion, congratulations Jack and Sophia.



 danny chris soohia and jack

(Ghanem, Micucci, Jack, Sophia)


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