4 Tips for a Successful Graduation Party

With summer around the corner, you may know someone who is planning their graduation party, or that someone may even be you! Graduation parties are celebrations dedicated to all of the hard work you put into your high school or college education. It’s a day that celebrates this pivotal moment in your life, and a day where you enjoy your time with friends and family. The best part? Graduation parties could be anywhere! However, whether it be in your home or in a hall, we’re sure you’d like it to be memorable and fun. Here are some tips to consider when planning your graduation party:

1. Plan Accordingly. Because many of your friends may also be planning graduation parties, plan in advance to make sure that yours doesn’t fall on the same day as one of them. For high school, graduation parties begin around the end of June and go until the end of July. For college, graduation parties may begin at the end of May and could also go until the end of July. An important factor to consider is that weekends tend to get busy for everyone in the summer. Aside from graduation parties, many people go on vacations, attend weddings, baby showers, or spend time with relatives. Why not throw a party during the week? You could possibly get a better deal at a hall, or it could be the only sunny day of the week if you’re throwing it at home! Plan in advance to allow your guests to make sure they’re free that day.

2. Choose a Theme. A great way to make your graduation party memorable is by choosing a theme. Since it’ll be summer and all about you, choose a theme that’s easy to work with and that you love! Certain themes are best used depending on where you’re throwing your party. Why not try a Hawaiian Luau theme if you’re throwing your party at home or outside? If you’re throwing your party at a restaurant or hall, why not go for a Nightclub theme? If you’d like to go for a more simple approach, why not make it a School theme with your school’s banner, colors, and graduation hats as centerpieces? Another theme is to simply use fun, summer colors in your party favors and decorations. Whichever theme you choose, it’s important to choose it early to have your invitations match them.

3. Play Games. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, playing short, fun games can make your party more enjoyable for the mix of friends, adults, and family members you’ll have there. Pass around trivia questions about you to your guests, and whoever answers the most correctly wins a prize. Make the questions fun and tricky to get your guests thinking. Another game that’s great for guests is to answer a series of questions that involve two truths and one lie about you. Make the incidents funny and interesting, and whoever answers the most correctly could also win a prize.If you’re having your party outside, karaoke could be fun for people of all ages. If you decide to have games at your party, make sure to hand out prizes to the winners to make your guests want to play. A fun idea for a high school graduation party is to have a time capsule there, and have your classmates fill it with something from their high school years to only open up on your 10-year reunion.

4. Food and Drinks. When serving your guests food and drinks, make it as simple as possible. Finger food or food on a stick such as fruit kabobs are the most convenient and easy to eat. If you aren’t having your party at a restaurant or hall, most people aren’t expecting to be served a meal. Why not try out a cotton candy machine or a popcorn machine? Instead of a cake, why not have cupcakes? Having an ice cream bar would be a hit with guests as well; especially if you rent a soft ice cream machine that can be outside without worry of melting desserts. If you’re going to have a theme such as BBQ or Luau, stick to that theme when it comes to the food also. If you are having a high school graduation party, it is best to not serve any alcohol whatsoever. Because it’ll be summer, have plenty of bottles of water. If you’re having a college graduation party, the majority of the people there will be over the age of 21, so it is acceptable to serve alcohol. A fun idea would be to have someone mix drinks behind a bar.However, be thoughtful of the people who do not drink alcohol and have plenty of options for them as well.

No matter where and when you decide to throw your graduation party, it could be a success on any budget. Before planning, make a budget and stick to it. This will allow you to do your research on different prices for things. Write it down, make a checklist, and include all of the bills so you won’t forget. Choose what is most important for you during your party, and spend more on that. Remember, this is your day, and you should celebrate it the way you want to!


Post By: Izabella De Souza

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How to Say “I Love You” Without Spending a Dime

Love is in the air…and so is frustration. Valentine’s Day may be the day to celebrate love but let’s face it; it’s also another wallet-depleting holiday. Last year Americans spent $17.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Yep-that’s billion, with a B! Even cupid would agree that’s just crazy.

Why not try something different this year? We’ve listed some V-Day gestures that are not only romantic (probably more romantic than what you’re used to doing for the holiday), but free. That’s right-totally, completely, 100% free. Doubt your partner will be impressed? We lovingly disagree, and encourage you to give one or two of these ideas a try. Feel free to report back here or on our Facebook page!

Coupon Book. Create your own coupon book full of loving, sexy “coupons”. Your partner will be able to “cash in” these coupons whenever they choose. You can include cute things such as “a morning of breakfast in bed” or “choose the movie tonight”.  Don’t worry about making the coupon book perfect. You may want to print the coupons out at home or draw them up by hand.

Massage. More than likely, you’ve promised your partner a massage once or twice before. Whether or not you came through on the promise is another story. Few things are more intimate than a massage, but they can run up to over $100 an hour. Give your partner a complimentary massage. Dim the lights and use lotion you already have at home to create a sensual night-in.

Love Notes. This is one of my favorite ideas. If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you probably haven’t written a love note in quite some time. This is the perfect occasion to play catch-up. Just like with the coupon book, don’t worry about making the notes look perfect. In fact, handwritten love notes are much more romantic. If you’re planning on cooking dinner for your valentine, perhaps you can lead a trail to the table with a few short love notes. Not only are love notes genuinely romantic, they’re keepsakes that your partner can treasure for a long time.

Couples’ Games. Give your night-in the perfect touch of flirty fun with couples’ games. You can choose use these games as foreplay, like the famous ‘naughty dice’ game, or you can choose to keep things innocent and flirty with ’20 questions’. Get more ideas for free couples’ games here.

Create a Playlist. If you have an established playlist on your personal computer and are familiar with your valentine’s taste in music, this is a great option for you. You can burn the playlist on a CD and sign it with a loving saying. Thinking this is too cheesy? Maybe so, but it works for some. Remember this scene from No Strings Attached?

Post by Izabella De Souza

Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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