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The Dos and Don’ts to Building Your Reception Playlist


Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight. Sounds like the perfect plan for your wedding day, right? We certainly think so. But before you can do that little dance, you’ve got to set the scene for the right wedding reception playlist. Here are some rules to live by when consulting with your DJ about building the ideal playlist.

1. Playlist Harmony. It may come as a surprise, but this is also someone else’s wedding too…your future spouse’s! And just because you’ve come to love one another enough to spend the rest of your lives together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your playlists feel the same way about each other. Remember to consider both yours and your beau’s musical tastes when compiling a wedding playlist. A variety of wedding songs are to be expected, so don’t worry about his Guns N’ Roses clashing with your Gangnam Style! Maybe he wouldn’t mind hearing an acoustic version of a classic during dinner.

2. Spread the Love. It’s important to keep your guest list handy when formulating the wedding playlist. What will Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rich enjoy dancing to? Or how about Grandma Sue’s favorite ditty, Runaround Sue? Even a sprinkle of some oldies may be appropriate for a portion of the crowd. If your cousin Jaime loves Madonna, throw in a little Like a Virgin. Even if something may not be exactly to your taste, you’ll enjoy seeing everyone else having a great time dancing.


3. A Little Goes a Long Way. The biggest mistake people make when going to meet with their reception DJ is bringing along a big list of songs they want played at the wedding. For most DJs, this is unnecessary. At maximum, your DJ should need is a list of about 12-15 songs that depict the mood you want at your reception. From there, he or she will be able to compile a larger playlist based on the list you provide. Remember, DJs have extensive databases of songs from every genre. You may spend hours putting together a list of hundreds of songs that they would be able to compile in minutes.

4. DJ Knows Best. There’s a reason why people hire a DJ. It’s not just to play music; it’s to guide the atmosphere of the party. DJs are trained to read the vibe of the crowd. From there, they choose the best song for the moment. Receptions are usually just 4 hours in length, a time span that is further decreased by formalities like speeches and dinner courses.  It’s crucial that you trust your DJ to make musical decisions during the party. After all, that’s why you hired them in the first place. To feel most comfortable about handing over all the music power for your reception, it’s a good idea to have at least one face to face meeting with your DJ prior to the wedding. It’s best to meet about a month in advance to discuss your expectations, as well as provide a DO NOT PLAY list. This way you’re guaranteed to not hear the songs you dislike. Now you can relax on your big day, knowing the party is in the best possible hands.

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How to Shop for Your Prom DJ

Calling all prom-planning committees! Your school’s big night may be a several months away, but planning the magical night takes time. By now, you and the rest of your prom-planners should be waist-deep in theme ideas, party details, and fundraising. With so much going on, it’s important to focus on the main elements of the prom and then work your way down the list. Once a theme is selected and venue is booked, selecting the right prom DJ is the next big step.

In order to make your high school’s prom the best it can possibly be, the perfect DJ must be selected. Not only will they provide the entertainment for the entire night, but they can also collaborate with the prom-planning committee on ideas for the night. Follow this check list for the selecting perfect prom DJ!



You Get What You Pay For As with anything, the old saying holds true. Make sure that your committee has a decent budget approved by the school’s administration. Extra fundraising efforts may be in order, but it’s just another opportunity to for the students to spend time together creating long-lasting memories. Think of how fun (and lucrative) a car wash can be? Another great fundraising option is selling DVDs and professional pictures from the prom. These sales may give the prom committee the extra boost of cash post-prom.


Experience Matters There’s always the temptation to cut corners in order to save money. Make sure not to do this when hiring a DJ. There are many young people who are aspiring DJs, and may offer to host your school’s prom night at a discounted rate. As the committee you’re thinking, “Same music but for a cheaper price? We’ll take it!” Think again. Inexperienced DJs may turn out to be more costly than you first considered. An experienced DJ will know how to guide the flow of the party, making the most out of the few short hours the students have to enjoy it. Check out a previous article of ours that gives you more details on how hiring the right DJ can make all the difference.


DJ Consultation Once you’ve chosen the right DJ, with the right amount of experience, it’s time to consult with them. Be sure to discuss the theme you’ve decided on, along with any traditions that occur at your school’s prom. They’ll be able to work this into their overall plan for hosting the big night. Having this kind of preparation in place allows the committee and chaperones to focus more on the students during the party.




Extras Go A Long Way It’s common that prom committees are made up of generous parents or adults in the community who are willing to donate their time and efforts to coordinating the prom. These adults of the community may not have all the necessary know-how when it comes to the details involved in such an event. This is another reason why it is so important to pick the right DJ. A great DJ will offer recommendations to enhance the party beyond just the music. Photo booths, up-lighting and cabanas may be options your committee would like to consider for the school’s prom. Check out a previous article of ours that gives you more details about party enhancements.


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Choosing a Wedding Planner Based on Your Needs

You know what they say, a girl’s wedding day is “the most important day of her life.” Although planning a wedding may be the happiest, most exciting time in a bride’s life, it can also be quite hectic, stressful, and overwhelming. There are so many tiny, intricate details that go into planning your special day, which is why many couples decide to hire a wedding planner – someone who assists you in every aspect of your day. But what if your budget isn’t large enough for a wedding planner? Or what if there’s only one aspect of your wedding you’d like extra help with? An easy solution is to hire a wedding specialist – someone who assists you with one specific aspect of your day. Whether it’s the cocktail hour, the décor, the food, or particular vendors, there’s a wedding specialist out there ready to help! Check out some of the components these specialists control to make your life easier and less stressful while planning your wedding.

1. Cocktail Hour. The cocktail hour of your reception is, in other words, the “happy hour” of your wedding where your guests mingle and enjoy themselves. It’s the beginning of your wedding reception and we’re sure you’d love to start it off right-and most importantly-make it stand out. Some of the things your cocktail hour specialist can do includes creating a signature cocktail drink for your guests or arranging comfortable, chic seating for relaxation. They can also draft a menu of delicious appetizers for your guests to have at their leisure or build a playlist of music to set a distinct mood. They can even help you add personalized details such as monogrammed napkins.

2. Décor. Decorating for your special day may be one of the most stressful aspects to your wedding because it involves so many details. We know you’d love to have your guests blown away with your wedding’s décor, and having a décor specialist takes that stress off your shoulders, and has the ability to transform any venue from bland to beautiful. These specialists assist you with your color scheme, flower services, balloon services, backdrops, drapery, lighting, centerpieces, table settings, chair and table coverings, and every minor detail in between to make your wedding unique and one of a kind.

3. Food. Whether you and your partner are interested in a sit-down or a buffet-style dinner for your wedding, the food at your reception affects everyone. Wow your guests with the ultimate feast and a fine dining experience with the help of a wedding caterer. They have the responsibility of designing the meals depending on the time of your wedding and on your guests, incorporating food trends such as cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, selecting main dishes and desserts, and may even choose linens and plates for each table.

4. Vendor Selection. The most stressful part of wedding planning is hiring the right vendors. Be it florists, entertainment, or limos, you want to make sure you hire the right people for your special day. And if you don’t know anyone that personally owns a limo, you might be in the dark as to which is the right company to hire among so many choices. Wedding planners often have developed business relationships with several wedding professionals that they can recommend. Because the reputation of the planner is as much at stake as the vendor, they are sure to only recommend vendors they trust. If you trust your planner, you can trust their vendors.


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