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LJDJ’s Scores Big at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016!

LJDJ’s Scores Big at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016!

By Calynn M Lawrence

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you have probably caught wind of one of the hottest up and coming entertainment and event companies around, LJDJ’s! LJDJ’s is a full time international entertainment and production company. They swear by their ability to create an even better experience than you and your loved ones ever imagined. They have been in business, changing the game for 17 years plus and they are not slowing down! This is evident in their latest score with their RFID bracelets at the 20th Annual Mobile Beat Las Vegas Convention 2016. Here’s what happened.

In case you did not know, Mobile Beat is an online and editorial magazine that serves to inspire party professionals and those who aim to entertain. They focus on spotlighting the latest technology, upcoming professionals, trends and tips for successful business ventures and event planning execution. Because of this, the magazine rightfully boasts that they have globally boosted bookings, improved performances and escalated many businesses. Aside from their magazine, they host events and conventions. One of which was their convention in 2016, located in Las Vegas, Mobile Beat Las Vegas. Anybody who’s anybody was there, including LJDJs very own Bryan Laycock and Jack Bermeo.

While in attendance, the people at LJDJ’s had an awesome time, enjoying not only the business benefits, networking opportunities and learning experiences but they thrived on the great atmosphere and fun spirit that was provided! One of their biggest accomplishments at the event was their time working with multi-award winning party hardy mogul Redfoo from the band LMFAO.


They allowed him to use their RFID bracelets that contain the latest technology and he was impressed to the point where he requested to have them at his future shows. What a huge win for them! Given his extensive experience in the industry, his approval evokes accomplishment, as his opinion is very weighted.

What makes these bracelets so appealing? Well, in short, there is an RFID chip placed inside of the bracelet so that it can send out radio waves. This technology is seen at Disney World and other them parks where you the guests, can now be part of an extravagant show! The way this product worked for MBLV was very interactive and entertaining for the guest. 500 RFID Bracelets were passed out through out the venue and a simple DMX controller controlled them all. This Technology is so advanced that we can enable more features like when you walk into your event, it automatically registers you as a scheduled guest, given that you were in fact a scheduled guest with an activated RFID wristband, and allows for speedy entry with little to no hastle! LJDJ’s has taken this concept and stepped it up by adding their own touch and taking innovative thoughts from “ideas to execution. Speaking on their RFID Bracelet services, the site quotes the following: “We put each guest right in the middle of the action where they instantly become part of a show. We add energy and emotion to any event, providing the nonverbal cues that draw people together and define memorable moments for your guests.”


As you can see, this new technology is hot and will be surfacing at all of the coolest events! It’s convenient, simple and effective. On top of that, it is backed by some of the most respected entertainers in the game right now. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Tiesto have been utilizing them at their concerts for a little while now. It is only a matter of time before you see them at every happening event around! If you would like more information on LJDJ’s take on this fiery festive technology, in addition to their other fantastic services, you may visit them at the website linked below!


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