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LJDJs Collaborates With Capezio, Maddie
Ziegler, Steve Madden Group and Betsey Johnson

By Calynn M. Lawrence

 Fashion is about embodying your personality within the garments
that you choose to wear. After all, you want to view your clothes as a canvas
for the art form that is character. Dress to express, not to impress!
 The team at LJDJ’s are certainly familiar with fashion being so important in the overall impact of presentation and atmosphere. Event host attire must be cohesive with the event that they are working. The event host is literally the life of the party and should act, speak and certainly dress as such!
            Jack Bermeo and his team at LJDJs recently hosted the official launch party of Capezio’s new dance wear line. The line is in partnership with Steve Madden Group, Betsey Johnson and their new Brand Ambassador Maddie Ziegler . This was an exciting time for LJ as they have achieved many things and formed countless reputable connections within the industry. However, this is definitely one of their biggest collaborations yet!
Jack Interviewing Maddie Ziegler and Betsey Johson
 The LJDJs Family!

The event was held at Capezio’s NYC flagship store and featured appearances by Maddie Ziegler and Betsey Johnson! Fans were able to meet and greet the celebrities and have their pictures taken with them (Which was then immediately print by our LJ photo party booth). LJDJs collaborated with the marketing teams of each fashion house in order to design an event which embodied the personalities of each of the celebrities.

 Thanks to CAPEZIO, they were awarded this opportunity to be able to make such a big move in the industry. They were welcomed into their family and warmly accepted for this endeavor!
The Capezio Family!


Bring Yourself To LJDJs Upcoming Bridal Brunch

By Calynn M. Lawrence

LJDJs event design and entertainment hosting company that has been on the rise for quite a while now. They have been making much collaboration with celebrities such as Donald Trump and Maddie Ziegler just to name a few. Even collaborated with some fashion phonemes such as Steve Madden and Betsey Johnson and makeup mavens such as Artist Makeup Academy. They have broken into the bridal industry and are currently paving their way to the fashion industry. They offer many different services such as hosting, lighting, music and representation! Sounds like an impressive company, right?

LJDJs is throwing a bridal brunch on Sunday, July 19th from 12 pm to 5 pm.

In addition to the high standards of the company, this will be a champagne brunch with food, great music, mimosas and more! There will be guest speakers who have established reputations in both the wedding / bridal industry along with fashion and makeup industry. They will be sharing special concepts for your special day along with offering free makeup trials to test out different looks for your day of glory. Some of the guest speakers include the founders of AMA, along with Julian Reyes of Park Savoy, Keith Rado of Fiesta Banquets, Linda Pergola of Frungillo Caterers,

Kisha of Pure Ambiance, Mirage Photography and Contessa Floral Designs!

Does this not sound like an amazing event to attend…?

If you’re looking forward to your special day with high hopes and anticipations I suggest that you stop by and to pamper yourself (and your VIP) and pick up a few pieces of advice for your Wedding day/Sweet 16 or Quiniceanera.

If you would like to attend it is being held at 549 Washington Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey 07109. For more information and details on this event along with LJDJS services, visit their website linked below.

RSVP by July 15th




Creating the Bridal Industry MEGA Collaboration!

Creating the Bridal Industry MEGA Collaboration!
Artist Makeup Academy Partners With LJDJs For Weddings And All Celebrations.
By Calynn M. Lawrence

    Weddings are a beautiful occasion. It’s the one day in a woman or man’s life when they feel like a true prince or princess basking in the awe and approval of everyone they love, especially the one they are going to marry. This considered, you would obviously wish to not only look your best but feel your best! What better way to accomplish a fun, festive wedding by hiring the perfect entertainment services, beauty phenomena and photography specialists! There is no other way to spin it. These things are a must! Luckily, I’ve got you covered. This article is going to share with you how you can achieve all of these things on your special day.
Artist Makeup Academy has now partnered with LJDJS entertainment services to service your special day! What a heaven sent collaboration! Both companies were already fabulously fantastic on their own. Now, they’re twice as nice since joining forces to break the bridal industry with the fiery forces of their awesome services! Their services have been seen all over social media and have worked with major make up artist from Youtube and Instagram like and well known celebrities . You can follow their cool progress all over the map!
Artist Makeup Academy is an unbeatable makeup artistry school that was started by two sister professionals and is taking over the fashion industry. In addition to excellent instruction, are currently expanding their geographic availability! They now have campuses in New Jersey and New York. The entire curriculum is molded so that their professionals are guided in technical skill and talent, business etiquette and professionalism. With such training as this, their makeup artists are obviously some of the best candidates that you should look to consider for you and your bridal party’s beautification on the most important day of your life.

amacom eps Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 6.21.48 PM

LJDJs Event Design and Entertainment has been in the business for over 17 years-almost 2 decades! They offer a diverse array of services including various forms of lighting,bilingual DJs, junk trucks and amazing lounge decor! On top of this, their growing fan base speaks for themselves giving high ratings and recommendations! They are sure to make sure that your day is not only tied holy by holy matrimony but has the most bumpin’ program around to keep your guests merrily amused! In addition to this, their photography unit handles beautifully by taking thousands of shots including moment driven images, portraits and close ups!

2014-6-19 Belleville NJ. LJDJs. Photos by: Greg Pallante


Mirage Artist Photography offers tons of great options for your event. From having one to 3 shooters the day of or just one professional capturing all those amazing memories. Let’s not forget about their same day edit options. It’s a big hit with weddings and adds a that one hint of uniqueness that separates your wedding from the rest.

I’m sure that you are overwhelmingly impressed by the stature of this stellar combination. As am I! This unparalleled partnership is shooting for the stars and you should certainly seek to join the movement! To retrieve further information regarding bookings, packages and prices please visit their websites listed below. Thank you!

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