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The Top 10 Best Wedding Favors!

The Top 10 Best Wedding Favors!

 Have you ever been to a wedding where you came home with an awesome wedding favor? It probably made the wedding even more memorable. Are you planning a wedding and need some ideas on favors that your guests will actually like? Here are the Top 10 Best Wedding Favors that LJDJs compiled. Well, at least we think they are pretty rad!

  1. Photo Booth Photos

Keep your wedding day memories alive with a photo booth for your guests to enjoy. You have a couple of options with this. You can rent an actual photo booth where your guests can sit and snap some silly shots of themselves, or you can create a DIY photo backdrop and have your photographer take Polaroid’s of your guests that they can take home. If you have an open bar, this might be the best way for your sloshed guests to remember how much fun they had at your wedding. How about recording a VIDEO testimonial? We even have GREEN screen capabilities that will allow your guests to morph themselves in a customized background. You name it, we can design it. With todays high tech apps and more, our newest booth will give your event the most memorable experience like no other. Take a look!


LJDJs Photo Party Booth

  1. Flip Flops

Just about everyone wears flip-flops at some point. And with weddings that have awesome music playing where the guests are tearing up the dance floor, flip flops are a great favor because people can put them on at the reception to be more comfortable. This is a great option for summer or beach weddings. Your guests are likely to wear their flops again once the fun is done.

flip flop photo, Elizabeth Anne Designs

  1. Personalized Champagne/Wine Corks or Drinking Glass

I’m not talking about putting the couple’s name on drinking glasses. I’m talking about putting each guest’s name on them. I attended the wedding of two good friends who did this and it was so creative! The flutes were used to make the wedding toast and now my husband, I, and even our toddler (for future use, of course) have our own champagne glasses with our names on them. We’ll never forget where these incredible flutes came from.  I forgot to mention, the corks are pretty cool to have. You never know when your going to finish your bottle of wine.

LJDJs Wedding

  1. Treats From a Take-Home Bar

Giving your guests a sweet to take home as a wedding favor is a wonderful thought. However, not everyone likes the same flavors. Setting up a take-home bar that offers a variety of treats is a good alternative. Provide little goody bags for your guests to fill up with their favorites. You can go with candy, marshmallows, even nuts, raisins and other snacks like goldfish or pretzels. You can have this option in addition to, or instead of a traditional wedding cake.

treats photo, 27 Pineapples

  1. Recipe Books

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to make your diet more diverse. I get sick of eating the same foods over and over. And while I’m admittedly a horrible cook (seriously, ask my husband), I still enjoy trying new recipes. Even if you aren’t an avid cooker, a recipe book is a cute wedding favor that may come in handy even if you think you won’t use it often. If the recipes come from the bride and groom, or important people in their life, that makes the favor even more special.


photo, Seriously Sabrina Photography

  1. S’mores/Hot Chocolate

Unless you have a screw loose, or you are allergic to chocolate, you have to admit that s’mores are one of the best winter treats. Heck, they are one of the best treats, period. So if you’re having a winter wedding, your guests will love receiving all the fixins for making s’mores, or even some hot chocolate mix. Don’t just warm their hearts with your love, warm them with your wedding favor. Awwww….so cute.


photo, RecipeBox on Etsy

  1. Junk Trucks or Drunk Trucks

Think your guests are stuffed from an evening of great food? Not when they come outside and see our exclusive JUNK/DRUNK TRUCKs. Choose from your favorite snacks including Dunkin Donuts, White Castle burgers, McDonalds and/or any fast food chain restaurant goodies. Have your guests ransack our snack truck to satisfy their munchies. Want a more personalized experience. Ask our staff about upgrading to some of your favorite foods.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.53.20 PM

LJDJs Wedding “Abads”

  1. Pop Culture Cake Pops                                                                                                                                                                       Lollipops made from cake? Yummy! How can anyone resist such a delightful treat? With the ability to customize these sweet creations, giving your wedding guests a cake pop favor is a deliciously creative idea. Choose the same flavor(s) as your wedding cake, or go with something totally different- maybe even a variety of flavors. If you want to give your wedding guests cake pop favors, and you’re in the New Jersey or New York area, check out  Pop Culture Cake Pops.

cake pops

  1. Personalized Wine Bottles

You can’t really go wrong by giving people alcohol as a gift. Wine is known for being a classy and sophisticated way to show people appreciation. That’s why people often bring wine as a small gesture when going to a dinner party. So a personalized wine bottle makes a great wedding favor. You can find inexpensive wine bottles and create custom labels to put on them. In fact, mini wine bottles are really cute and the perfect size to use as wedding favors. You can either put your name and wedding date on the label, or put each guest’s name. It could double as both a wedding favor and a seating card. How creative and unique is that?

IMG_5568 copy

LJDJs Wedding

  1. Homemade Goodness

While candy wedding favors can be hit or miss, small jars of a homemade sauce or spice are usually a big hit. Even for guests who don’t do a lot of cooking, a specially made edible delight is something they will enjoy. Whether it’s a BBQ sauce, a jam, or a uniquely flavored olive oil, your guests are sure to love taking home a special, one-of-a-kind indulgence.

homeade goodnes

photo, Christopher Duggan Photography

The 10 Dumbest Wedding Party Favors!

The 10 Dumbest Wedding Party Favors


If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you probably went home with a wedding favor. But have you ever received one that was just dumb? One that you would never use and didn’t want to take home with you? If you’re planning your wedding, don’t be the couple that hands out stupid favors. Here are 10 wedding favors not to give your guests- ever.


  1. Monogrammed Coasters

Monogrammed coasters? Really? Your wedding guests do not want to set their beer on a coaster with your initials and/or wedding date on it. Not to mention, it might not match their home decor or style.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.14.45 PMphoto, Style Me Pretty c/o Brooke Courtney Photography


  1. CD of Wedding Songs

First of all, many people have transitioned into digital music formats and don’t even listen to CDs anymore. But also, your guests don’t have an emotional attachment to the songs that symbolize your relationship with your spouse.

  1. Framed Name Placecards

Some people like to get fancy and use framed name place cards to indicate where their wedding guests will sit. That’s fine, if you want to do that. But don’t double up and use those place cards as wedding favors. What on earth will people do with them after the wedding?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.14.20 PM photo, Wedding Chicks c/o Anna Delores Photography


  1. Monogrammed Golf Balls

Unless you know that all of your wedding guests are avid golfers, don’t give any wedding favors that have to do with the sport. Those golf balls will just end up in the trash…and some random Arnold Palmer wannabe might dig it out and get his golf game on with your name and wedding date flying across the green.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.14.04 PM



  1. Bubbles

It’s fine to hand out bubbles for your wedding guests to blow as you make your exit after the reception. But nobody wants to take them home. When are grown men and women going to blow bubbles again?

  1. A Charity Donation

Couples of the philanthropic mindset might want to make a charity donation in their guests’ honor. The problem is, your guests might not support your charity of choice. And they will probably then start receiving tons of correspondence from that charity. Want to anger some wedding guests? Make a donation in their name.

  1. Flower Seeds

Maybe you love to garden. But maybe your wedding guests don’t. Even if flower seeds match the theme or season of your wedding, don’t tell your guests “thank you” with a cheap bag of something they might not use.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.14.10 PM



  1. Anything With Photos

Your wedding guests love you, but not the way you love your spouse. They don’t need anything with your photo on it. That’s creepy, actually. Save your favorite photographs for your living room, not the wedding reception tables.

  1. Magnets

Even if all of your wedding guests use magnets, they don’t need one with your wedding info on it. It’s your special day, not theirs, so they don’t need a reminder staring them in the face every time they open the refrigerator.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.14.29 PM

photo, Etsy c/o FUNctionalMinis

  1. Votive Candles

These are one of the most common wedding favors given. But if your wedding guests wanted votive candles, they would buy some. If you imprint your initials/name/wedding date on the candles, your guests won’t want to burn them. And a candle with nothing on it…how impersonal and cheap.

Leena Kollar of LJDJs

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