How to NOT get fired at your Company Holiday Party.

The holidays are here! As this joyous yet stressful time approaches so do holiday company parties. We’ve hosted many events this month and till this very day, we continue to see the same trend. We all have either been to one, or heard about the crazy behavior it brings out in its employees. The number one reason why people get out of hand is not because of a bad raffle prize they won! Its the booze they consume. So let us tell you what DJs and event planners see on the dance floor and how to not get fired at your holiday company party.

First, don’t get so wasted that a picture of you becomes an internet meme. A meme is a humorous image that spreads over the internet with changing words mocking the victim. Being a meme makes you an f-list celebrity in which you would never be able to live down that embarrassing moment at your company holiday party. Don’t pass out in the office bathroom with your bare ass showing, so the office jackass doesn’t snap a picture and ruin your life.

If you like the idea of being a Kim Kardashian of the web where your dream has always been to “break the internet” then by all means go ahead and make a literal ass out of yourself and risk getting fired.


The next subject is attire. It may be acceptable to get smashed off of egg nog, but it doesn’t mean your outfit should be revealing just because the other rules of professionalism are being alleviated for the evening. An office party should not turn into the game of “who whore it best.”

This applies more so to the women who want to show off their ass-sets to finally get so-and-so’s attention from another company department. Don’t!!! Stay away from the idea of an office romance, because when you both wake up you’re both going to have to deal with a lot of awkwardness.

Sure the egg-nog loosens up some tension, but it shouldn’t loosen up your lips. A few months later it is almost certain you will hear, “Remember when Bob and Karen were tongue punching on the bosses’ desk?”

Go ahead and get tipsy, but don’t be a drunk mess. You are still in the presence of your company so class should still be upheld. You still want your job on Monday morning, don’t get fired! No one will respect you the next day when you were running down the hallway naked with nothing but a Santa hat on.

It is more than acceptable to get a little loose, but don’t take it too far. Stay classy and covered up. So don’t get fired at your Company Holiday party. Keep your tongue in your mouth. Don’t wind up as an internet meme. Just show up, show some personality and at least wait to the after party at the bar down the street to get hog wild.

By: Danny Micucci