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West Coast DJ Entertainment Experience!!!

It is mentioned that there are two main factors that make a great party: the food and the music. For any wedding couple, they want to make sure their night is memorable and their guests are happy. How far would you go to hire the right entertainment for your special day? Would you just stick around to what is available in your local area? Or would you go cross-country?

Pauline and Chris were recently married at the Luxe Hotels in Los Angeles, California. After seeing Jack Bermeo’s performance at a wedding in 2008, they immediately new that he was the one to help create their wedding dream. Five years later, the couple reached out to LJDJS, hoping to book Jack for their wedding day. Pauline had so much fun planning with Jack, she even stated “Even if I wasn’t marrying Chris, I would have hired you to do my future wedding.” as she chuckles and laughs.


Jack mentions “What makes this wedding even more special, is that the guests and couple… didn’t treat their vendors like paid employees. They made all the vendors feel like we were family. This made all the planning process and visions come to life more genuinely.”   LJDJs hosts several destination events a year from Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia just to name a few. Since the west coast exposure, Los Angeles is starting to look more like a second office thanks to our large Latino and Philippino clientele base.

LJDJs also had the honor working with Susan Tosounian of Especially for You Event Planning Services. Susan’s attention to details was on point and truly noticed by our staff and our couple.


So the questions remain…. How far would you go to hire the right entertainment for your special day? Let is provide the east coast energy and give the west coast entertainment a twist in entertainment.


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