How far will men go to propose?

Since the posting of the video “Fake Wedding, Real Engagement”, we here at LJDJS have been receiving attention from soon to be grooms of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations looking for new-age proposal ideas, and questions of “How can I plan my proposal?”  This motivated our company to create a division to help plan real engagements!

The video has been featured by Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, People, Yahoo, and other large social news sites.


So the question remains, How far will men go to propose? Before you consider asking your loved one for his or her hand in marriage, have a seat. Let’s talk. We want to get to know you. We have our happy couples fill out an e-survey. Making sure we get every detail possible. For 17 years we focused on couples who are already engaged and are seeking entertainment for their special day. Since this viral hit we had to change gears on our inquiry towards our grooms to be. It’s great hearing first hand what goes through the mind of men and even some woman for their proposal ideas. Here are some sample questions we like to ask.

What makes him or her laugh? Sense of humor reveals a lot about a person. More than you think. It’s a universal language shared by everyone. A good sense of humor goes a long way in a relationship.

Where did you meet? The moment you first crossed paths with each other. Every story has it’s unique way of how it all began. Was it fate? Was it by coincidence? Or completely unexpected?

What was your first date like? Ahh the first date. Reminiscing on the beginning stages of the relationship. How the fire sparked and how you won the heart of your lover.

Do you remember the first time you said “I love you”? Was there something special about that moment that you wanted to re-create? Maybe it was in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, or while watching fireworks, or while on vacation in Italy.

What is his or her interests? This question can give a great proposal idea to what your partner loves to do. Can do a proposal in a sports arena, or on the rooftop of the MET, or at a Beyonce concert, or even on a tv show like Wendy Williams/ Ellen Degeneres.

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 In the entertainment industry, clients are always looking for something new and innovative to make an everlasting impression.  Since we caught the attention of many soon to be fiancés. We have a full time staff with many creative proposal ideas to fit everyones personality. We are thrilled to assist those willing to let us help, but most importantly, making your proposal just as important as your Wedding Day! That is why we are so proud to have Kandy Cardoso, our event designer at LJDJS to help create those amazing proposals for men/women planning their important day. Can this be the new trend? Only time will tell!

Just some off beat ideas.

THE 5K ENGAGEMENT PLAN: Maybe you can propose to your partner at the end of completing a 5K because you both enjoy athletics. When she turns around… she will then discover that the entire 5K was all of her friends and family.

HAUNTED PROPOSAL: Perhaps you can propose to your partner in a haunted house because they love the concept of the paranormal, and have family and friends come in dressed as ghouls surrounding you in a corner and then bam.

MEDIEVAL KNIGHT PROPOSAL: What if you played the knight of shinning armor at Medieval Times while your girlfriend is hanging out with her girlfriends watching a dramatic fight. Then the knight walks towards his girlfriend and then unveils his mask in front of everyone.

Here is link to the Top Ten Extreme Engagement Videos! 

The sky is the limit for such ideas and eccentric notions are allowed. A proposal should be about the couple who is getting engaged and we support elaborate and unique ideas to the max just as much as the normal ideas.

We would love to hear more about your BEST PROPOSAL EVER, so feel free to comment and share with us.


By: Danny M