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Gibraltar Hardware and LJDJS create a buzz at DJ EXPO 2014

Gibraltar and LJDJS are in the works of a groundbreaking undertaking in the form of an endorsement. Gibraltar is a company that specializes in making various drumming hardware. Pulled directly from their website.

“We’re not into maple, beech or birch. We’re not drum builders. We’re not into bronze alloys and hand hammering. We’re not cymbal-smiths. We are Gibraltar. And Gibraltar is hardware. This undeniable focus makes us better at what we do and who we do it for. No matter what brand of kit you play, Gibraltar supports them all. Rock Solid isn’t just our slogan. It’s our mission.” (


This year at the 2014 Atlantic City DJ Expo, two-time winner of DJ of the year (2011 and 2012) Jack Bermeo, and percussionist and friend Crystal Vargas put their talents together where the International Hardware Company Gibraltar took notice and worked closely with the duo beginning a new entrepreneurial journey into helping create a buzz for Gibraltar’s new line called “DJ Racks”.

A quick statement to express what the DJ Expo is:

“In 1990, DJ Times first presented DJ Expo—and 24 years later, it remains the industry’s longest-running and best-attended trade show. Each August, DJ Expo presents more than two-dozen educational seminars, an exhibit hall jammed with the latest DJ-related gear, and three evenings of sponsored events. This year’s show, set for Aug. 11-14 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J., will bring all of this and more!”

The flair of a fiery percussionist with the beats of a new age DJ was a sound that can only be best described by seeing for yourself. As you may already know, “DJs are todays Rock Stars!”


#crystalandjack DJ Expo 2014 Crystal Vargas & Jack Bermeo GIBRALTAR Booth

The reason why this is so exciting is because Gibraltar is seeing the artistry of the duo DJing, considering Jack Bermeo and Crystal to be called a DJ Artist. At the expo this was the hardware companies first time to ever make an appearance for something in the field of DJing. Making an appearance was a field test experiment for Gibraltar, just as the artist duo’s combination of lavish beats was; however, the entrepreneurial risk taken to make this happen was well worth it. People were smiling and enjoying the infectious music while DJs admired the hardware that held Bermeo’s set. We wish Gibraltar a lot of luck with their new product. We know it will be a big hit in the DJ industry and we look forward being part of Gibraltars growth.


In time we will see where this exciting experimentation will take the two companies. Gibraltar is considering Jack Bermeo to be put on their website roster making him the first DJ to ever be labeled as an artist for their company.

Only time and hard work will be able to show the world what LJDJs and Gibraltar will be able to develop together, but it’s more than just excitement for LJDJs to be stepping into the direction of growth, as it is also solidifying the relevance and artistry of what it takes to truly be a good DJ.

Post by Danny Micucci

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