“A new name, a new logo and a new attitude,” is how LJ Productions– now LJDJS– founder and owner, Jack Bermeo puts it. “After 17 years in the industry, I’m ready to shift the image of LJ Productions.”

Jack Bermeo has nurtured not only the growth of his company, but also his own professional growth as an entertainer. With that, he has made many events and celebrations come to life with his skills, while simultaneously providing up and coming DJ’s the chance to hone their skills. But many people are left asking: if it’s not broken, why fix it?

The motivation behind the change lies with the most recent growth experienced by LJ Productions and how Bermeo plans to keep the momentum going. “We’ve been juggling so many types of events over the last 4 years that it’s time to re-vamp our vision and mission statement.”


New LJDJS HQ Location

New LJDJS HQ Location


But just how will this growth come about? Bermeo will be expanding his offices to a 2,100 plus square-foot space to include not only LJDJS headquarters, but to showcase what the rebranding has to offer. “From furniture design to light fixtures, it will be an exquisite looking ballroom,” said Bermeo. After all, the two-time DJ Times DJ of the Year knows a thing or two about business. “Our new office will be designed with the all of the latest technology; smart boards, touch screens and more. With today’s market, you have to impress potential customers from the first step they take into your office. There are no second chances.”

And the LJDJS team is growing, too. “We can honestly say we have the team for photo, video, planner, decor design and more,” added Bermeo, who has always offered full-service entertainment packages to his customers, but now plans on keeping things in-house rather than outsourcing.  

With so much on the horizon, Bermeo still manages to keep his focus on the most important aspect of his company—the clients he serves. “The new investment into our company combined with the growth in our event planning and entertainment, will create a great experience for not only LJDJS, but for our customers,” said Bermeo. “We want them to feel not only comfortable, but enthusiastic about what LJDJS has to offer.”


Post by Izabella De Souza