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LJ Productions is Helping Make Strides Against Breast Cancer

As the pink cleats and gloves will tell you, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Even though the disease is so devastating, the amount of work being done to raise money for a cure is truly heart warming. Our own LJ team is proud to participate in raising funds, and providing people with a good time while doing so.

“We love giving back to the community, particularly during breast cancer awareness month,” said Jack Bermeo, founder of LJ Productions. He and partner Jorge Vincentty will be donating their services to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer as they play DJ and MC for two separate events in New Jersey. Bermeo will be in Newark and Vincentty will be in Jersey City.

“It’s such an honor to be able to serve our communities in this way,” added Vincentty. Both events will take place on Sunday, October 20. And although the event is still a month away, the two cities have raised nearly $40,000 for breast cancer research. Over 460 teams with more than 20,000 participants have already signed up in both cities. All funds raised are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Bermeo and the rest of the LJ Productions team are no strangers to charity. Recently, Bermeo created his own philanthropic organization, High Fives and Hugs. Through the donation of the LJ Production team’s services, they’re able to give back to the surrounding area. Click here to see more on High Fives and Hugs.

So what can you expect if you’re attending either one of these events? “We’re going to bring the fun,” said Vincentty, “we want to make sure people are entertained while donating their time and money.” Bermeo adds that although the reason for the gathering is heartbreaking, the crowd deserves a reason to smile. “Most of these people know someone who have battled the disease, or they themselves are battling it. They deserve to have a good time.”

To find more information and events or walks in your area, visit the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer website.


Post by Izabella De Souza

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