Going for a Three-Peat: Two-Time Reigning DJ of the Year Champ Jack Bermeo Gears Up for the Fight of His Life


Every year, DJ Times magazine hosts its DJ of the Year competition. LJ Productions’ very own Jack Bermeo is the two-time reigning champion of the contest. After taking home the title for the second consecutive time at last year’s show, it’s only fitting that Bermeo would come back for a third year. He plans to MC for the chance to become the three-peat champion.

“The title of DJ of the Year has helped me in so many ways,” says Bermeo. “It has inspired my team to push the envelope. We’ve become more creative, we’ve built bigger productions,” adds Bermeo. It has also put his name on the radar of some very famous people in the industry. Artists including rapper Fat Joe and American Idol Finalist Karen Rodriguez can attest to Bermeo’s talent.

The finalists at last year’s competition

So what exactly does Bermeo have up his sleeve for this year? “We’ve been rehearsing for months, perfecting this routine,” said Bermeo, who often stays in the studio passed 2am. “It’s a phenomenal routine.”

Bermeo is maintaining the high energy and excitement he’s shown in the past in his routine for this year, but what is changing is the impulse behind it. His last two routines have been about showing his evolution and skill. This year, it’s about blending audience participation.

“I’ve been attending the DJ Expo for over 10 years and have seen the best of the best on stage. I took pieces of my experience from the expo and I’m bringing them this year to the international DJ Times Expo DJ of the Year competition. It’s going to be a performance that will get everyone involved,” said Bermeo.

Jack at last year’s competition.

Another new motivation behind Bermeo’s act this year will be his newfound fatherhood. “What’s changed this time is I have a newborn. He’s the next chapter. So everything I’m doing is going to be dedicated to my son.”

But even with the recent birth of his first child, Bermeo is focusing on his performance at this year’s competition that will be held on August 14 at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. “For the performance, you have to be focused in all areas of your life.”

As for the competition, Bermeo promises his opponents one thing, “The routine I put together was made to be a winner.”

Check out a behind the scenes video of Bermeo as he prepares for the big day and shares insight into his life.

Celebrating the win last year.


Post by Izabella De Souza