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Welcoming Baby Jack…A Baby Shower Fit for the Heir to an Entertainment Throne


Jack Bermeo has been at the top of the entertainment world since opening his DJ and MC company, LJ Productions, in 1996. He’s seen and done it all in his nearly two decades of event entertainment, but now Bermeo faces an occasion that he’s never encountered before− fatherhood.

Coincidentally, it seems to be baby season all over, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton popping out a precious bundle of joy. And like Bermeo, even Kim-Ye and the Royals need to learn to navigate the path of new parenthood.  “I’ve always had LJ Productions as my baby. Now, as a new parent, Little Jack is the priority,” says Bermeo, who along with girlfriend Sophia Sandoval, named their newborn son after his dad.


Jack Bermeo & Sophia Sandoval


So when it came time for the couple to celebrate the upcoming birth of their first child with a baby shower, one question begged to be answered. How does a man that has entertained thousands of guests at hundreds of events plan his own baby shower?

“First we wanted it to be a Jack and Jill baby shower. It’s a trend a lot of people are following these days to be able to include the guys, which is something we definitely wanted to do,” explains Sandoval. “Eventually we chose a Kids’ Circus theme, but left out the clowns,” added Bermeo.


Sophia Sandoval & Jack Bermeo


His many years of attending all kinds of parties gave Bermeo the edge on deciding what elements he wanted to incorporate into his son’s baby shower. “The planning was very easy for me. Fortunately with the industry that I’m in, I was able to see first hand which centerpieces, themes and music best belong at a given party.” But even with Bermeo’s insight, Sandoval wanted to keep things stress free− an understandable request for any mommy-to-be. “Since we were planning the shower ourselves we wanted it to be very simple. Having it at a restaurant where everything is already set up and the food is prepared on site made things so much easier,” says Sandoval.


One thing that the couple didn’t want to be simple, however, was the entertainment. Surprisingly enough, this didn’t mean bringing in a DJ team with bells and whistles. “We wanted the baby shower to have high energy by playing many games, so having an iPod play a mix of energetic music in the background was sufficient,” explains Sandoval. “Since I knew the party would have mostly adult guests, I needed adult games to entertain them. That also helped me out with the bill at the end of the shower. If my guests were bored, my bar bill would be very high!” joked Bermeo.


Guests playing the “How Babies are Made” game.


As for the games, what’s a baby shower without college-like drinking behavior?  (Mommy-to-be excluded of course.) Guests had to guess what brand of beer they were drinking by chugging it out of a baby bottle. In another competition, friends of the couple played the “how babies are made game,” which required a female to hold a plunger between her legs while trying to fit it through a roll of toilet paper that a male guest would hold between his legs.


Guests playing the “How Babies are Made” game.


The décor and treats fell adorably in line with the parents’ Kids’ Circus theme, and the then parents-to-be made sure to impress guests with a stand-out treat table. The most important part to us was the candy station,” said Sandoval. “I know every party needs a focal point, something for the guests to talk about. Our vision was for a customized candy station. It took up a lot of space,” added Bermeo.

After brunch, the 80 guests munched on everything from cotton candy to custom cake-pops that adorned the candy station. “I chose a wide selection of nostalgic treats that went with the theme and that weren’t so typical at most parties, like cotton candy, Cracker Jacks and Circus Peanuts, but I also mixed in cupcakes and cake-pops to have instead of a cake,” said Sandoval, “a large cake wasn’t necessary due to the abundance of sweets.”


How amazing is this treat table?


The centerpieces fit perfectly into the party’s theme and featured a large vintage popcorn box filled with lollipops, popcorn, bows, circus tickets and baby décor items. “They (the centerpieces) were not too elaborate but had the right details of what helped make our theme pop,” said Bermeo. “Overall, everything turned out exactly the way we planned,” added Sandoval.


Festive centerpieces in true Kids’ Circus theme.


On July 13, 2013 at 7:52 a.m., the couple welcomed Jack Anthony Bermeo. He weighed 6 lbs., 12 oz. and was 20 inches long. So just how much will Little Jack impact the life of Bermeo? “My life as a business man and entertainer will have to slow down a bit. I now have a son in my life which means I have to learn better time management skills. It will certainly be an adjustment after 17 years of running a multi-operation entertainment company,” explained Bermeo. “My typical day is being at the gym by 8 a.m., 9 a.m. in the office until closing, which can sometimes be 11 p.m. With my son now being a part of my life, I have to have more family time at home,” he added.


Baby Jack’s first day in the world, being embraced by mommy and daddy.


When it comes to how the couple will raise their son, they agree on the values they want to instill in him. “Hard work and persistence are two of the most important things that we want to teach our son. I don’t want Jack to be too tough or too soft. We want to create a perfect balance,” said Sandoval. “Today’s generation is very different from the one I grew up in. I am hoping to pass along a few important lessons to my son,” said Bermeo, “Never give up on your goals, have the drive to accomplish your dream and don’t let success get to your head or failure go to your heart.”


Baby Jack three days after being born and getting ready to go home.



Post by Izabella De Souza

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