Finally…a Blog for Professional Vendors

We don’t normally use our blog to talk about products we use. But this time, we just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to let industry professionals in on one of the best sales tools we recommend –
QuickTapSurvey! We tried coming up with the best ways to analyze our sales and be able to see everything from what we’ve booked, what we lost, and any other bit of information that would help us with our customer service and in sales.



It all started by asking ourselves, “How can we get as many potential client’s information as fast as possible without being rude or inconvenient?” Also, we needed to set ourselves apart from the bevy of vendors at the bridal shows we attend, many of them usually in our same field. There’s nothing worse than seeing a potential bride walk right past your booth and into the open market, just because you were tied up with another bride WRITING down her info. We searched for something unique and new and discovered QuickTapSurvey. This data collection and survey app allows us to get pertinent information quickly during our bridal shows and also offers a unique and trendy way to get any prospective client’s attention. And because we speak to so many potential clients at Bridal Shows, Sweet Sixteens’, Mitzvahs and Weddings; using QuickTapSurvey on multiple tablet devices makes collecting this information much more convenient.

Some wedding professionals have already adopted using an iPad at bridal shows; but QuickTapSurvey takes the tech experience a little further. You can design the app to ask whatever questions you like, making it a useful tool that works for any professional in the wedding industry. And, it only takes a few minutes to fill out each survey.



Most importantly, during a sales meeting, we know that TIME IS MONEY.  We discovered that, by the time our clients sat down in our lobby to fill out the information by hand, it took them almost 15 minutes.  So we wanted the best solution to get all their information fast and easy. With QuickTapSurvey, we not only gather the potential clients’ event information, but also the vision they may have for their event. After the meeting, all of the information collected is downloadable from the QuickTapSurvey website. Using this information, we are now able to see who the best sales people are and keep accurate track of our successful bookings from the bridal shows. Best of all, NO MORE PAPER WORK!

The age of paper and pen is quickly disappearing and choosing to be at the forefront of the digital sales revolution has helped boost our bottom line. Not to mention, being able to stick in the minds of any potential clients by emailing them instantly using QuickTapSurvey’s auto email feature, immediately after speaking with them.

Thanks to QuickTapSurvey we have been able to adopt better business processes to meet our client’s needs, resulting in profitable growth for the company.

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