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Finally…a Blog for Professional Vendors

We don’t normally use our blog to talk about products we use. But this time, we just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to let industry professionals in on one of the best sales tools we recommend –
QuickTapSurvey! We tried coming up with the best ways to analyze our sales and be able to see everything from what we’ve booked, what we lost, and any other bit of information that would help us with our customer service and in sales.



It all started by asking ourselves, “How can we get as many potential client’s information as fast as possible without being rude or inconvenient?” Also, we needed to set ourselves apart from the bevy of vendors at the bridal shows we attend, many of them usually in our same field. There’s nothing worse than seeing a potential bride walk right past your booth and into the open market, just because you were tied up with another bride WRITING down her info. We searched for something unique and new and discovered QuickTapSurvey. This data collection and survey app allows us to get pertinent information quickly during our bridal shows and also offers a unique and trendy way to get any prospective client’s attention. And because we speak to so many potential clients at Bridal Shows, Sweet Sixteens’, Mitzvahs and Weddings; using QuickTapSurvey on multiple tablet devices makes collecting this information much more convenient.

Some wedding professionals have already adopted using an iPad at bridal shows; but QuickTapSurvey takes the tech experience a little further. You can design the app to ask whatever questions you like, making it a useful tool that works for any professional in the wedding industry. And, it only takes a few minutes to fill out each survey.



Most importantly, during a sales meeting, we know that TIME IS MONEY.  We discovered that, by the time our clients sat down in our lobby to fill out the information by hand, it took them almost 15 minutes.  So we wanted the best solution to get all their information fast and easy. With QuickTapSurvey, we not only gather the potential clients’ event information, but also the vision they may have for their event. After the meeting, all of the information collected is downloadable from the QuickTapSurvey website. Using this information, we are now able to see who the best sales people are and keep accurate track of our successful bookings from the bridal shows. Best of all, NO MORE PAPER WORK!

The age of paper and pen is quickly disappearing and choosing to be at the forefront of the digital sales revolution has helped boost our bottom line. Not to mention, being able to stick in the minds of any potential clients by emailing them instantly using QuickTapSurvey’s auto email feature, immediately after speaking with them.

Thanks to QuickTapSurvey we have been able to adopt better business processes to meet our client’s needs, resulting in profitable growth for the company.

Use special promo code: DJEXPO13 and try it out!

All About Destination Weddings


As summer peaks its pretty little head out from the sky, people are getting ready for beach time, pool days, barbeques and all around fun in the sun. Summer is also the primary season for destination weddings. After all, with kids out of school and great weather, it makes sense to plan for extended off-site nuptials.



There is a great debate surrounding destination weddings. Some couples opt for them because they’re suitable for small weddings, offer a chance for friends and family to go away together, and can be much less expensive than a traditional wedding. Although there are many advantages to destination weddings, the troubles that come with planning a wedding from an entirely different location shouldn’t be underestimated. To help out those adventurous couples, we’ve put together some things to keep in mind when planning for the big day somewhere far way.



When to Host  As we mentioned, the summer is the most popular time to host a destination wedding− and for good reason. We recommend early summer, preferably prior to mid-July, because temperatures begin to rise to uncomfortable numbers after that point. If you’re aiming for a late July or August wedding, an early evening ceremony followed by a night sky reception will make for a more comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Also, although families are likely to be off in the summer, they’re also likely to want to go on family vacations. So booking your destination wedding early in the summer should guarantee your big day a top spot on their list.



Location, Location, Location When thinking about where to host your destination wedding, you don’t always need to think international. There are great places within the U.S. that can serve as amazing backdrops, as well as vacation destinations, for your wedding. For a tropical feel, think coastal (the Carolinas, Florida, Maine, California) and for a country feel, think outdoorsy (a National Park, a mountain/ski resort, a lake resort).



Entertainment This is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when planning a destination wedding. Typically, a DJ or band is bundled in with the package offered by a destination venue. The problem with that is, a DJ in Maine or the Caribbean may not understand what a tri-state area crowd wants to hear. Not to mention, face-to-face time with your entertainer will be limited prior to the big day. We suggest soliciting a DJ from home. Based on our experience with renting equipment, flights and accommodations, the cost tends to come out cheaper than you would expect. Plus, you get exactly the entertainment you want because you’re able to meet with your DJ to discuss ideas.


Two Stories to Keep in Mind

Kristy L., Salon Bridal Coordinator at Substance Salon & Barberspa in Lyndhurst, N.J., shares her entertainment experience at her destination wedding.

“I got married in November 2010 and I had a destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I had a great time at my wedding and it was beautiful, but there were a few things I might have done differently.  While planning the wedding, I had thought about flying in some vendors, but then the cost concerned me.  The DJ that the hotel provided was ok, but I quickly realized he had little experience. I did not have a chance to meet with him before the wedding. Fortunately, Jorge at LJ Productions gave me a music form to take with me.  It basically laid out the schedule of what songs would be played and when.  Even with list, (which was a life saver), the DJ still wasn’t strong.  I didn’t realize how important the music at a wedding is until I had my own.  The music dictates the flow and the timing of main points in the reception.  The DJ’s lack of experience unfortunately disturbed the flow of the night because he often played the wrong music at the wrong time.  If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen to fly in a DJ from home, and the cost would’ve been well worth it.”

Photo of Kristy and her husband on their big day


Gerry Lopez, Owner and Stylist at Hudson Square Salon in Hoboken, N.J., discusses his entertainment experience at his destination wedding.

“We went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico for our wedding. We researched resorts and quickly realized that the DJs that worked in the area, were used to catering to the normal American wedding. Being that my wife and I are Colombian, we needed a DJ that would not only cater to our Latin sounds, but also cater to our non-Latino friends attending our wedding. Our biggest concern was that the food at our wedding be awesome, and that the music and entertainment would be amazing. We even had some cousins fly in from Columbia who are professional band members. So the music had to be up to par. And my man Jack, founder of LJ Productions, sure did live up to that standard. Thanks to him, we had an amazing party! Even the staff at the Azul Sensatori Resort said they never witnessed a party where everyone danced the whole time. Needless to say, it was well worth it to fly our own DJ down.”

Photo of Gerry and his wife dancing the night away at their reception


Post by Izabella De Souza

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The LJ Gang Shares Their Favorite Wedding/Bridal TV Shows, And We Want To Hear Yours!

We love hearing from our fans and followers, so it’s time for another interactive article! This time, we asked the LJ family to share their favorite wedding TV shows. Read on to find out what they had to say. Be sure to share your answers with us here or on our Facebook and Instagram! Let us know who you agree with the most or just share your own favorites!



Jorge V. – LJ Productions Manager/MC


“I personally despise all wedding TV shows. They always edit the brides to be outrageous Bridezillas, and essentially create a story based on whatever recorded material they have. I don’t believe these shows truly help brides. If anything, they make them believe the gorgeous setting is simple to achieve when it actually takes a lot of work.”


Nick S. – LJ Productions DJ/MC


“My favorite wedding TV show by far, and DO NOT JUDGE ME, is Four Weddings on TLC.  I like to watch and observe four brides on one of the most important day of their lives.  How what they planned, decorated, prepared and envisioned for most of their lives, really looks like on the day of.  Plus,  I always watch to see if we are on any of the episodes since we’ve been on it a bunch of times!”


Jack Bermeo – Founder and Owner of LJ Productions


“I know how this will sound, but I love Say Yes to the Dress. It’s just something about seeing a bride get so excited about her day.”


Izabella De Souza – Blogger


“I love Say Yes to the Dress. I think it’s a great idea to capture brides in perhaps the most important moment of the wedding planning process. The show has probably helped so many brides-to-be decide what they want in a dress, without even visiting a store.”


Post by: Izabella De Souza

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

In case you haven’t noticed…Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday! And for those of you just tuning in, that means you only have a few days to come up with something that doesn’t stamp the words “I forgot” on your forehead.

The key to last-minute gift giving is coming up with something that is heartfelt enough to pass as having some thought behind it (i.e. no gift cards). If you’re in a bind trying to figure out a memorable but last minute (shh!) gift for Mother’s Day, give one of these ideas a go.


Magazine Subscription If you’re mom is an avid reader− or even just an avid magazine skimmer− she’d really enjoy a subscription to one of her favorites. Nowadays, magazine subscriptions are very affordable and adaptable to various tech devices. And even though the idea is fast and inexpensive, it’s a great way to show mom that you’re in-tune with her interests.



Donation in Her Name More likely than not, your mom or your family may affiliate with a particular cause or illness, be it pet adoption or autism. Why not commit two good deeds instead of just one by making a charitable donation, while doing it in honor of your mother on her day? This is perhaps one of the most sentimental gifts to give.



Cooking Class for Two A great gift to give is the gift of quality time. Planning something fun and different that you and your mom can do together is the perfect way to create memories. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually learn a thing or two yourself!




Jewelry Diamonds are a girl’s…you know the rest. It’s hard to go wrong with any kind of bling. The best part is that many places offer sales for Mother’s Day− so chances are, you’ll get a good deal.



Show Tickets Just like with a cooking class, going to see a show or play is a fun and different way to spend time together. If you’re not sure what show she’d like to see, research the most popular ones…they’re bound to be hits.



Favorite Things Bag Putting all of mom’s favorite goodies in one bag is an easy way to make her smile. You can choose to go with a theme, like spa/bathroom or nail care, for example. It’s also a great option to just make a list of everything you can think of that she likes− chocolate, DVDs, flip flops− and bag them nicely. Not to mention, the bag acts as a bonus gift!



Post by Izabella De Souza

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Ideas for Surprising Mom on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start brainstorming on the perfect gift for mom. Instead of sticking to the norm with flowers, a card and maybe brunch, why not amp up the excitement and surprise mom with an entirely new experience this year?



Tight on cash? Not to worry. We’ve got wallet-friendly ideas too! Choose from any one of the following creative ideas to surprise mom with this year. The only down side will be topping it next year!



Scavenger Hunt Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids. Moms are likely to enjoy them too, especially if there’s a special gift waiting for her at the end. Worried there’s too much planning involved? Think again. The hunt can take place in the house, backyard or both. Simple hints can be written on index cards cut in the shape of hearts to lead her to the point. Be sure to have a camera handy to capture the moment she reaches the gift!



Cook for Her If money is tight and you’re looking for something original to do for mom, there’s probably no better option than cooking a nice dinner for her at home. If money is really tight, check to see what she has stocked in her kitchen already and decide on a meal. If you’re not exactly a chef, just pick up some frozen chicken breasts, bottled tomato sauce and cheese, and before you know it chicken parm is ready to be served!



Messages in Balloons Just like the scavenger hunt, messages in balloons may sound childish at first, but this idea will surely be something you’ve never done for mom before. Also for those tight on cash, all you need is a dozen balloons that you can pick up at the dollar store, and some notes you can write on paper. The idea is to put little love messages inside air-filled balloons, and have them ready for when mom walks in the door. Not only will it make for pretty décor, but she’ll enjoy popping each one and reading the caring message inside.



Create an At-Home Spa If you were to ask most moms what they want for Mother’s Day, they would probably say a relaxing getaway. Why not create that relaxing getaway at home with your own mini spa retreat? Fill the tub with bubbles and fill the room with lit candles. You can even offer mom a massage from you!



Photo Book or Photo Album This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this gift idea gets overlooked. It may seem simple for those who are trying to produce a wow-factor for Mother’s Day, but it’s a great opportunity to go through old photos and bring them back to life in a creative way. Worried about the price? Shutterfly is offering up to 40% off their photo books! For the more creative, hands-on types, try putting together a scrapbook.



Record the Surprise Any kind of a surprise is bound to become quite a happy memory. Our own Jack Bermeo was clever enough to record the moment he told his mother he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child. Watch the touching moment here.


Post by  Izabella De Souza

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