The LJ Productions Gang Shares Their Biggest Cliché Proposal Scenarios…And We Want to Hear Yours!

Round three! And the fun continues… We asked the LJ family to share some cliché proposal scenarios. Read on to find out what they had to say. Be sure to share your answers with us here or on our Facebook and Instagram! Let us know who you agree with the most or just share your own stories!

Jorge V. – LJ Productions Manager/MC

“I really hate the cliché holiday proposals. There is no creativity there and most brides-to-be almost come to expect it anytime between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. My proposal was done about 4 hours before we got married. Blame it on Vegas. While my wife and I prepared the paperwork, my friends scoured Las Vegas searching for baby blue tuxedos with ruffles ala The Hangover. And they found them.”


Nick S. – LJ Productions DJ/MC

“My favorite cliché proposal is when people propose to their fiancée on Christmas Eve.  It’s so cliché, but in my opinion, proposals should be done in front of family and friends. So what better time to pick than Christmas Eve?  After all, it is the ‘Most Wonderful Time, of the Yearrrr!’”


Jack Bermeo – Founder and Owner of LJ Productions

“I am so tired of hearing brides that wake up to a ring on their finger. I mean, be original. Also, I can count on my two hands, your two hands, and my dog’s four paws how many times I’ve heard about the family dog bringing the ring to the bride. Not very original.”


Kristen Griffie – LJ Productions Public Relations Coordinator

“Nothing annoys me more than when people get engaged on a holiday, especially Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I feel I would want my own day to celebrate my engagement, not a national holiday. Plus, if it doesn’t work out, you’re stuck with a forever ruined holiday!”


Post by Izabella De Souza