The LJ Productions Gang Shares Their Biggest Party Pet Peeves…And We Want to Hear Yours!

Round two! A few weeks ago, we asked the LJ family to share their favorite wedding moments from a movie. This week we’re asking for their biggest party pet peeves. Read on to find out what they had to say. Be sure to share your answers with us here or on our Facebook and Instagram! Let us know who you agree with the most or just share your own favorites!


Jorge V. – LJ Productions Manager/MC

“My biggest pet peeve at a gig would have to be when a guest walks up to the booth while the dance floor is packed, and asks us to ‘Play something good…you know, something people can dance to.’ Irks me everytime!”

Nick S. – LJ Productions DJ/MC

“My biggest pet peeve is when, at a wedding, that one person comes and tells you what song or genre of music he/she thinks would make the crowd go crazy even though the dance floor is already completely packed. The worst part about it is that not only do they give you their ‘insight’, but they come and tell you ALL NIGHT LONG.  We are DJs for a reason and we are experienced in reading and catering to crowds.  Advice:  Mr. ‘Drunkle’ (drunk uncle), please trust the DJ a little more!”

Kristen Griffie – LJ Productions Public Relations Coordinator

“I hate during cocktail hour or dessert when people ignore the serving spoons or forks and use their fingers! It looks tacky and classless. Plus, it’s unsanitary for the other guests! If they lick them after it’s even worse! A big NO all around for me.”

Jack Bermeo – Founder and Owner of LJ Productions

“I really don’t like working with unprofessional vendors. It can be the videographer, photographer, and at times, even the very staff at the venue. They need to remember that the day is not about them and how frustrated they are. The reason they are there is because a couple wanted to include them for their wedding day and some vendors ought to be more appreciative about that. If they are jaded because they do this every weekend, maybe they should find another line of work.”

Anthony “Boch” Boccino – LJ Productions DJ/MC

“Oh man pet peeves! There are so many! The one that probably kills me the most is waiters or guests walking behind the DJ booth. They trip a wire we look bad. Hate it!”

Crystal V. – Percussionist

“While I enjoy interacting with guests and allowing them to sometimes jam with me on the drums, it is not a free pass to walk passed my instruments and slam your hands or drinks on them!  That’s like going up to a DJ and twisting all of the knobs on his mixer without asking.  Needless to say, I’ve had to replace some expensive cymbals and drum heads.  No Bueno!”

Ryan M. – LJ Productions DJ/MC

“Something that really gets to me when I am working is when people walk up to me and want to talk about my equipment mid-song! I don’t understand why someone would ask that during a set. Just really gets to me. And I don’t want to be rude so I of course always attempt to answer the questions the guest has for me.”


Post by Izabella De Souza