Everything You Need To Know About First Communion Parties

One of the most sacred celebrations for a family is sacrament of Communion for their child. Although the ceremony if receiving Communion is a traditional one, the celebrations that follow the church events are quickly evolving to become mini-mitzvahs.


Much like we’re used to seeing in mitzvah celebrations, communion parties have become a social, not just a religious, right of passage. More than ever, parents are choosing to commemorate this big event in a major way.


New Trends No longer a Sunday afternoon for just families, Communion parties often take place on Friday and Saturday nights. Many parents choose to make the party like a Sweet 16, with a DJ and lots of dancing. In many cases, parents enjoy the same music as the kids, so that makes it a great event for everyone attending.

Busy Season, Book Early! It’s crucial to keep in mind that when planning an elaborate Communion celebration, you must book early! Advanced booking, as with any event, guarantees you the date and time you want, along with the venue and vendors you want. Since Communions take place in early spring− a major season for weddings and graduation parties− it makes all the difference in planning (and stressing). Our expert DJ staff estimates that in this high-season for celebrations, there can be up to 20 parties in a 5 mile radius!  So be sure to get the venue and entertainment booked months in advance.

Consider a Photographer Aside from the venue and DJ, many families choose to hire a professional photographer to capture the special moment of their child receiving their First Communion at the church. The photographer most often takes pictures of the child with family and friends after the ceremony. Then it’s on to the party, where the photographer will continue to capture great moments.

Gift Ideas When considering what kinds of gifts to give the child in your life who is receiving their First Communion, it’s clear you can go wrong with a rosary, prayer book, bible, and of course, money or bonds. But don’t be afraid to get creative with other ideas such as personalized picture frame, jewelry or keepsake boxes.


Post by Izabella De Souza

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