LJ Productions Presents The Art of Latin Events at the NJDJN Annual DJ Expo

Every year, disc jockeys throughout the tri-state area and beyond, gather at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ, for the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network’s (NJDJN) annual DJ Expo. As long time members of the association, LJ Productions has the honor of presenting a seminar tailored toward the art of hosting Latin events. The seminar will be on Tuesday April 9, 2013. It will be lead by 2 time winner of the DJ Times Magazine’s DJ of the Year Award, and LJ Productions’ founder, Jack Bermeo and his business partner, Jorge Vincentty.

Since his first win in 2011, Bermeo has tirelessly continued to promote the award as well as his passion for the mobile DJ industry. “Although winning the award itself was an unimaginable honor, the last thing I wanted to do was rest on my laurels, and let the award try to do the work for my reputation. I wanted to take the opportunity to spread my vision of the mobile DJ industry and help others (DJs and brides alike) to understand and appreciate the craft of entertaining people, no matter what their background,” says Bermeo.

Bermeo’s commitment to excellence and promotion lead to the development of his 2nd award winning routine at last year’s DJ Expo in Atlantic City. This year, in addition to continuing to promote himself and his company in unique ways (check out LJ Productions work with their High5andHugs campaign), Bermeo’s focus also includes his Latino roots. He has been a guest panelist and speaker at seminars hosted at In The Mix DJ School, located in Belleville, NJ. In The Mix is the first bilingual (English & Spanish) DJ school located in NJ and is working with LJ Productions to create a curriculum based on MCing and the Mobile DJ Industry.

Bermeo’s Latino expertise and background has also earned him a nomination for the Latin MiXX awards held in NYC in July.  “As a Latino (Colombian/Ecuadorean), I know the elements it takes to make a Latin party successful. It’s actually how I broke into the business.”

And what are those elements? Obviously, knowing the right music for the right crowd is a key component to his success and will be a major focus during the Latin Seminar on April 9, but it is also about being daring at events and understanding that the mobile DJ industry is about much more than providing music, it’s about providing ENTERTAINMENT. Many Latin parties have a major focus on the music, but little in the way of interaction. This seminar is geared to help DJ companies outside and within their own markets, by opening them up to more MCing during Latino events and also to feel more comfortable hosting Hispanic Parties, by walking them through the Latino Party culture.

So the question begs to be asked. With all this attention and notoriety, will Jack Bermeo be going for a historic three-peat and try to capture the title of DJ of the Year for a third consecutive year in a row? “I’m still playing with the idea. I really want to jump in at least one more time, and have a great show in mind, but my focus is probably going to be elsewhere.” Bermeo will be expecting his first child in July. “That, to me, will be my legacy.”