Unique Prom Themes

As prom season approaches, many schools and committees are finalizing major details like the theme. The theme of a high school’s prom sets the tone for the night. It determines not just the décor, but the atmosphere of the party. We previously talked about the importance of getting a good budget together so that major factors such as theme and entertainment do not suffer, and its something every prom committee should keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that the décor budget should never exceed the entertainment budget. After all, it’s the DJ that’s going to keep everyone dancing, not the disco balls.


Once a budget is set, its time to choose the theme. Some schools let the students choose, and others leave it up to the committee. How ever your school chooses to do it, be sure to make it a great one! It may be tempting to choose common themes such as A Night in Paris, Under the Sea, or Red Carpet/Awards Show. According to our seasoned entertainers, these themes are on their way out. Be sure to take these innovative prom theme ideas into consideration this year!

It’s All About the Music Theme A music theme says one thing…it’s time to party. Students will be in party mode from the day the theme is announced. Decorating is easy. The music department can lend instruments to be laid throughout the venue. And the right DJ will know how to mix in all genres of music for everyone to enjoy.

Paint Splash Theme Prom is a night to look back on adolescence. Why not have a theme that resonates pure fun? Paint splash theme is unique and can be very inexpensive to produce. Paint supplies can be donated, and each student can add their personal touch to the décor by making their own paint splash art to feature on the big night.

An Elegant Evening Theme Many prom themes strive to exude the idea of a fancy, formal night out. An elegant evening theme does just that. Make decorations sparkle with hints of gold and silver throughout the room. Placing a staircase in the background of the photo area would also add a dramatic touch.

Boogie Nights Theme Similar to the music theme, boogie nights just screams party time. Take the students back in time with a checkered dance floor, disco balls and colorful décor. The music doesn’t need to from the disco era. After all, boogie nights were created so people could dance- regardless of the genre of music.

Vegas Theme Every teen dreams about going to Vegas for the first time. Why not give them a taste of that dream with a Vegas theme at prom? Worried it may be too risqué? Keep things innocent with poker chip-like chocolates and decks of cards as decorations.

Club Theme Along with Vegas, many teens want to, or already may go to clubs. Why not bring the club to the prom? EDM (electronic dance music) is very popular right now and a club theme is sure to peak the interest of many teenagers.  With lounge furniture and lighting, and of course the DJ giving the club feel, the vibe in the room will definitely be one to remember. Get creative by naming the venue after your high school. For example, Club Riverside if your school’s name is Riverside High School.

All White Theme – All white may be an intimidating idea. Of course, student will want to dress in the colors they choose. To keep with the white theme just faculty and staff at the location dress up in white and students can pick their own outfits. You can also get a white dance floor and dramatic uplighting to increase the wow-factor.


Post by: Izabella De Souza

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