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Everything You Need To Know About First Communion Parties

One of the most sacred celebrations for a family is sacrament of Communion for their child. Although the ceremony if receiving Communion is a traditional one, the celebrations that follow the church events are quickly evolving to become mini-mitzvahs.


Much like we’re used to seeing in mitzvah celebrations, communion parties have become a social, not just a religious, right of passage. More than ever, parents are choosing to commemorate this big event in a major way.


New Trends No longer a Sunday afternoon for just families, Communion parties often take place on Friday and Saturday nights. Many parents choose to make the party like a Sweet 16, with a DJ and lots of dancing. In many cases, parents enjoy the same music as the kids, so that makes it a great event for everyone attending.

Busy Season, Book Early! It’s crucial to keep in mind that when planning an elaborate Communion celebration, you must book early! Advanced booking, as with any event, guarantees you the date and time you want, along with the venue and vendors you want. Since Communions take place in early spring− a major season for weddings and graduation parties− it makes all the difference in planning (and stressing). Our expert DJ staff estimates that in this high-season for celebrations, there can be up to 20 parties in a 5 mile radius!  So be sure to get the venue and entertainment booked months in advance.

Consider a Photographer Aside from the venue and DJ, many families choose to hire a professional photographer to capture the special moment of their child receiving their First Communion at the church. The photographer most often takes pictures of the child with family and friends after the ceremony. Then it’s on to the party, where the photographer will continue to capture great moments.

Gift Ideas When considering what kinds of gifts to give the child in your life who is receiving their First Communion, it’s clear you can go wrong with a rosary, prayer book, bible, and of course, money or bonds. But don’t be afraid to get creative with other ideas such as personalized picture frame, jewelry or keepsake boxes.


Post by Izabella De Souza

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LJ Productions Presents The Art of Latin Events at the NJDJN Annual DJ Expo

Every year, disc jockeys throughout the tri-state area and beyond, gather at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ, for the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network’s (NJDJN) annual DJ Expo. As long time members of the association, LJ Productions has the honor of presenting a seminar tailored toward the art of hosting Latin events. The seminar will be on Tuesday April 9, 2013. It will be lead by 2 time winner of the DJ Times Magazine’s DJ of the Year Award, and LJ Productions’ founder, Jack Bermeo and his business partner, Jorge Vincentty.

Since his first win in 2011, Bermeo has tirelessly continued to promote the award as well as his passion for the mobile DJ industry. “Although winning the award itself was an unimaginable honor, the last thing I wanted to do was rest on my laurels, and let the award try to do the work for my reputation. I wanted to take the opportunity to spread my vision of the mobile DJ industry and help others (DJs and brides alike) to understand and appreciate the craft of entertaining people, no matter what their background,” says Bermeo.

Bermeo’s commitment to excellence and promotion lead to the development of his 2nd award winning routine at last year’s DJ Expo in Atlantic City. This year, in addition to continuing to promote himself and his company in unique ways (check out LJ Productions work with their High5andHugs campaign), Bermeo’s focus also includes his Latino roots. He has been a guest panelist and speaker at seminars hosted at In The Mix DJ School, located in Belleville, NJ. In The Mix is the first bilingual (English & Spanish) DJ school located in NJ and is working with LJ Productions to create a curriculum based on MCing and the Mobile DJ Industry.

Bermeo’s Latino expertise and background has also earned him a nomination for the Latin MiXX awards held in NYC in July.  “As a Latino (Colombian/Ecuadorean), I know the elements it takes to make a Latin party successful. It’s actually how I broke into the business.”

And what are those elements? Obviously, knowing the right music for the right crowd is a key component to his success and will be a major focus during the Latin Seminar on April 9, but it is also about being daring at events and understanding that the mobile DJ industry is about much more than providing music, it’s about providing ENTERTAINMENT. Many Latin parties have a major focus on the music, but little in the way of interaction. This seminar is geared to help DJ companies outside and within their own markets, by opening them up to more MCing during Latino events and also to feel more comfortable hosting Hispanic Parties, by walking them through the Latino Party culture.

So the question begs to be asked. With all this attention and notoriety, will Jack Bermeo be going for a historic three-peat and try to capture the title of DJ of the Year for a third consecutive year in a row? “I’m still playing with the idea. I really want to jump in at least one more time, and have a great show in mind, but my focus is probably going to be elsewhere.” Bermeo will be expecting his first child in July. “That, to me, will be my legacy.”


The LJ Gang Shares Their Favorite Wedding Moments from Movies… and We Want to Hear Yours!

At LJ Productions, we love to hear what our fans and followers have to say. In that spirit we are kicking off Interactive Month here on! For the next few weeks, we decided to ask some fun and entertaining questions related to weddings and other events produced by LJ.

First up, we asked some members of the LJ Productions community to share their favorite wedding scenes from a movie and tell us why they love it so much. Read on to find out what they had to say. Be sure to share your answers with us here or on our Facebook and Instagram! Let us know who you agree with the most or just share your own favorites!

Crystal V. – Percussionist

“My favorite movie that involves a wedding is Bridesmaids.  This movie is absolutely hysterical and I lose it every time I watch the engagement party scene.  Annie, the maid of honor, battles it out with Helen, Lillian’s ‘best friend’, during their dueling speeches.”

Jorge V. – LJ Productions Manager/MC

“I would have to say that my favorite movie scene of a wedding was in The Wedding Singer. Right after Adam Sandler’s character gets stood up at the altar, he has to perform at a wedding and is absolutely miserable during the performance. He even threatens to strangle the bride’s father with his microphone wire! There have been times when we as entertainers, go through personal dilemmas and just have to smile through the performance, but we feel exactly like that wedding singer.”

Jan M. – LJ Productions DJ

“My favorite wedding scene in a movie is in Wedding Crashers when Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are talking about “stage 5 clingers”.  I think it’s funny because a lot of people are possessive when they first meet someone. And sometimes they turn out to be a total crazy-pants!”

Nick S. – LJ Productions DJ/MC

“My favorite wedding scene is from the movie Night at the Roxbury.  Doug Butabi (played by Chris Kattan), holds up a boom box in the middle of his brother Steve’s wedding, playing their favorite song, “What is Love?” by Haddaway.  This was an inspirational reminder that Steve (played by Will Ferrell), should never marry and if anyone is going to spend the rest of their lives with him, it would be Doug himself! So funny and completely “gangsta” at the same time!”

Jack Bermeo – Founder and Owner of LJ Productions

“I love the scene where Vince Vaughn’s character in Wedding Crashers, in an effort to try and impress a lady at a wedding, makes balloon animals for a bunch of kids. One of the kids demands a bicycle. His response after the kid starts yelling at him is, ‘I’m gonna make you a bicycle, but I don’t want to.’ The kid’s response is, ‘Shut up and make me a bicycle you clown!’ Hilarious!”


Post by Izabella De Souza

The Ins and Outs of Sweet 16 Celebrations

Sweet 16 celebrations can be one of the most important moments in a girl’s life. As a right of passage in adolescence, a sweet 16 party can be an opportunity to show friends and family that they are no longer just a young girl, but are ready to be taken seriously as a young woman.


In the past several years, thanks to shows like “My Super Sweet 16” on MTV, sweet 16 parties have become hugely elaborate events. Many girls want their sweet 16 parties to be the talk of the school, which is why the biggest celebrations tend to take place from early September to January-allowing for months of ooh’s and ah’s amongst friends.


What about the girls who celebrate birthdays from the end of the school year and through summer? This is the time when many other life milestones happen for people of all ages. Christenings, communions, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and other birthdays can block many weekends and keep guests from being able to attend a sweet 16 party. With summer being in season, some parents give the option of a vacation instead of a party. This helps avoid potential scheduling issues. Some parents may even offer to pay for a couple of the birthday girl’s friends to join her on vacation. For girls who do choose to celebrate their summer sweet 16s, pool parties or neon paint black light parties are great options.

Whether a sweet 16 takes place during the school year or in the summer, there are certain themes that seem to stick out as the most popular. Some of these themes include A Night in Paris, A Night Under the Stars, Masquerade, Club Sweet 16, Pretty in Pink, Red Carpet Theme, Cirque de Soliei, and Winter Wonderland. To make these themes that much better, enhancement options such as special lighting, photo booths, custom furniture design and placement, and additional entertainment should be considered. See more about sweet 16 themes and enhancement options here.

It’s also important to remember that creativity doesn’t have to be expensive. Cost effective options can still produce a wow factor. Customized banners and centerpieces add a special touch for a great price and they’re easy to center around the theme you have in mind.

No matter the theme or party, the most important thing is to celebrate the milestone of a sweet 16 by making the young woman in your life feel special.


Post by Izabella De Souza

The Latin Mixx DJ Awards: Jack Bermeo for Best East Coast DJ and On-The-Grind DJ

The Latin Mixx Conference and Awards is an organization that recognizes and promotes Latin artists in the music industry. Latin Mixx refers to itself as “a national celebration of culture, community & latinos in entertainment”.  Each year they award Latin DJs in specific categories during their Latin Mixx DJ Choice Awards.

People across the country can cast their votes for nominations in various categories, including Best West Coast DJ and Best Reggae DJ. Nominees are announced once the votes close. Then a rigorous judging process occurs before the winners are selected on July 11, 2013 at the Latin Mixx Awards show in New York City.

LJ Productions is proud to announce that owner Jack Bermeo will be throwing his name in the hat this year. He’ll be running for Best East Coast DJ and Best On-The-Grind DJ- which refers to a hard working DJ, with a knack for promoting himself and his business. “To even be considered on the tier of many of the nominated DJs is an honor within itself, but blazing a new path for the Mobile DJ industry is an even greater honor,” says Bermeo.

As the reigning DJ Times Magazine DJ of the Year (for the past two years, we might add), Bermeo has always set the standard high when it comes to perfecting his craft.  With a booming DJ business of his own on his hands, Bermeo touches on his strategy for success in the wedding sector, “My goal is to demonstrate to a demographic of DJs what style of entertainment is out there that they may not be familiar with. LJ Productions always talks about the ‘New Style of DJ Entertainment’ which for me was the blending of the club world with the traditional wedding entertainment.”

Still, to be nominated for the Latin Mixx DJ Awards would be more personal than professional. “In all of the excitement of my recent wins at the DJ Expo in 2011 and 2012, the one thing that I made sure would remain the same is being who I am, and never changing that. Part of that, is my Latino roots,” Bermeo explains.

As the road to the Latin Mixx DJ Awards continues, Bermeo hopes to shed light on the entire DJ industry he loves so much. “I feel there is not enough credit given to the Mobile DJ industry; and by having it relate to what most DJs know (music mixing), perhaps the industry as a whole-both club and mobile-can get the boost they rightly deserve.”

Cast your vote for Jack Bermeo’s Nomination here.

Remember to enter your information then on the second page enter Jack Bermeo, and use Check off the two boxes for Best East Coast DJ and Best On-The-Grind DJ.

Thank you for your support!


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Unique Prom Themes

As prom season approaches, many schools and committees are finalizing major details like the theme. The theme of a high school’s prom sets the tone for the night. It determines not just the décor, but the atmosphere of the party. We previously talked about the importance of getting a good budget together so that major factors such as theme and entertainment do not suffer, and its something every prom committee should keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that the décor budget should never exceed the entertainment budget. After all, it’s the DJ that’s going to keep everyone dancing, not the disco balls.


Once a budget is set, its time to choose the theme. Some schools let the students choose, and others leave it up to the committee. How ever your school chooses to do it, be sure to make it a great one! It may be tempting to choose common themes such as A Night in Paris, Under the Sea, or Red Carpet/Awards Show. According to our seasoned entertainers, these themes are on their way out. Be sure to take these innovative prom theme ideas into consideration this year!

It’s All About the Music Theme A music theme says one thing…it’s time to party. Students will be in party mode from the day the theme is announced. Decorating is easy. The music department can lend instruments to be laid throughout the venue. And the right DJ will know how to mix in all genres of music for everyone to enjoy.

Paint Splash Theme Prom is a night to look back on adolescence. Why not have a theme that resonates pure fun? Paint splash theme is unique and can be very inexpensive to produce. Paint supplies can be donated, and each student can add their personal touch to the décor by making their own paint splash art to feature on the big night.

An Elegant Evening Theme Many prom themes strive to exude the idea of a fancy, formal night out. An elegant evening theme does just that. Make decorations sparkle with hints of gold and silver throughout the room. Placing a staircase in the background of the photo area would also add a dramatic touch.

Boogie Nights Theme Similar to the music theme, boogie nights just screams party time. Take the students back in time with a checkered dance floor, disco balls and colorful décor. The music doesn’t need to from the disco era. After all, boogie nights were created so people could dance- regardless of the genre of music.

Vegas Theme Every teen dreams about going to Vegas for the first time. Why not give them a taste of that dream with a Vegas theme at prom? Worried it may be too risqué? Keep things innocent with poker chip-like chocolates and decks of cards as decorations.

Club Theme Along with Vegas, many teens want to, or already may go to clubs. Why not bring the club to the prom? EDM (electronic dance music) is very popular right now and a club theme is sure to peak the interest of many teenagers.  With lounge furniture and lighting, and of course the DJ giving the club feel, the vibe in the room will definitely be one to remember. Get creative by naming the venue after your high school. For example, Club Riverside if your school’s name is Riverside High School.

All White Theme – All white may be an intimidating idea. Of course, student will want to dress in the colors they choose. To keep with the white theme just faculty and staff at the location dress up in white and students can pick their own outfits. You can also get a white dance floor and dramatic uplighting to increase the wow-factor.


Post by: Izabella De Souza

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