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How to Shop for Your Prom DJ

Calling all prom-planning committees! Your school’s big night may be a several months away, but planning the magical night takes time. By now, you and the rest of your prom-planners should be waist-deep in theme ideas, party details, and fundraising. With so much going on, it’s important to focus on the main elements of the prom and then work your way down the list. Once a theme is selected and venue is booked, selecting the right prom DJ is the next big step.

In order to make your high school’s prom the best it can possibly be, the perfect DJ must be selected. Not only will they provide the entertainment for the entire night, but they can also collaborate with the prom-planning committee on ideas for the night. Follow this check list for the selecting perfect prom DJ!



You Get What You Pay For As with anything, the old saying holds true. Make sure that your committee has a decent budget approved by the school’s administration. Extra fundraising efforts may be in order, but it’s just another opportunity to for the students to spend time together creating long-lasting memories. Think of how fun (and lucrative) a car wash can be? Another great fundraising option is selling DVDs and professional pictures from the prom. These sales may give the prom committee the extra boost of cash post-prom.


Experience Matters There’s always the temptation to cut corners in order to save money. Make sure not to do this when hiring a DJ. There are many young people who are aspiring DJs, and may offer to host your school’s prom night at a discounted rate. As the committee you’re thinking, “Same music but for a cheaper price? We’ll take it!” Think again. Inexperienced DJs may turn out to be more costly than you first considered. An experienced DJ will know how to guide the flow of the party, making the most out of the few short hours the students have to enjoy it. Check out a previous article of ours that gives you more details on how hiring the right DJ can make all the difference.


DJ Consultation Once you’ve chosen the right DJ, with the right amount of experience, it’s time to consult with them. Be sure to discuss the theme you’ve decided on, along with any traditions that occur at your school’s prom. They’ll be able to work this into their overall plan for hosting the big night. Having this kind of preparation in place allows the committee and chaperones to focus more on the students during the party.




Extras Go A Long Way It’s common that prom committees are made up of generous parents or adults in the community who are willing to donate their time and efforts to coordinating the prom. These adults of the community may not have all the necessary know-how when it comes to the details involved in such an event. This is another reason why it is so important to pick the right DJ. A great DJ will offer recommendations to enhance the party beyond just the music. Photo booths, up-lighting and cabanas may be options your committee would like to consider for the school’s prom. Check out a previous article of ours that gives you more details about party enhancements.


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Unique Wedding Themes and Ideas

Here’s comes the bride, all dressed in…a Vegas showgirl-inspired wedding dress? We’re all used to the traditional wedding theme− a white dress, religious indoor/secular outdoor ceremony, classically decorated reception venue with your typical cocktail hour, a 3-4 course dinner menu, and entertainment by a band and/or DJ. This route is great, and most of us will choose this option when planning our own nuptials; the key word being most.


The fact is, many couples are turning to unique and innovative ways to celebrate their big day. Never heard of a circus themed wedding before? Maybe you just need to think more outside the box. Putting on an outlandishly themed wedding may be over-the-top for the rest of us, but there are some ideas we can steal borrow from these in-your-face couples to create our own desired wow-factors.


80’s Themed Wedding



80’s Inspired Décor One of the most clever ways to leave a great impression on your guests is to decorate interestingly. If you and your partner at known as the music buffs to your family and friends, then they won’t be surprised to see old records as placemats at your reception. Personalize this idea further by labeling the records some of your favorite songs!


Party Like It’s 1985 Another great way to bring the 80’s to your wedding is by integrating inflatable, neon-colored, rock and roll “toys” into the reception. Neon colors are not something expected to be seen at a traditional wedding, but who says you’re traditional? All this sounding corny to you? Picture your drunken friends singing along and playing inflatable guitar to your favorite Bon Jovi or Journey songs. Now that’s a photo-op!


Circus Themed Wedding


Kiss and Tell If you’re looking for an adventurous x-factor to build into your wedding, this may be the one for you. A kissing booth is a fun and playful way for your guests to interact with one another. You can choose to have the booth during the cocktail hour or during the actual reception. Thinking it may be too vulgar? It doesn’t have to be! Kisses on the cheek will most likely be the way to go. Think of how appreciative the singles will be…


Circus Treats One of the things people most look forward to when going to the circus is all the fun foods. Make this a part of your wedding by feature treats like candy apples, a popcorn machine, hotdogs, hamburgers and peanuts. This is a great option for a day time, outdoor wedding cocktail hour or reception.


Vegas Themed Wedding

Vegas Entertainment Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without the shows. The most talented performers from around the world strive to perform in Sin City. Bring some of the show time magic home to your wedding by featuring a Vegas-inspired performer!

Creative Cakes If you love Vegas (or just gambling), but want to be more subtle in your approach to showing it at your wedding, have your cake say it for you! Wedding cakes are always more fun when they’re creative. Cake pops can also make a great treat for your guests as they leave the world you just created for them. But don’t just stop at rolled-up cake dipped in chocolate. Enhance your theme with theme-related Cake Pops.


Candy Themed Wedding


Cotton Candy Galore Who wouldn’t want to go to a candy themed wedding? Instead of having your reception look like the Willy Wonka Factory, give your big day a sweet touch with cotton candy. Having someone churning fresh cotton candy is something everyone will enjoy. Or you can get really creative and have the cotton candy spun around glow sticks so people can enjoy their sugar while dancing!

Candy Buffet Of course you’ll be offering your guests a sit-down or buffet dinner option, but why not provide a candy buffet option too? You can make this part of the décor by coordinating the wedding color scheme into the candy you choose. It’s just a simple but enjoyable touch that will make your wedding that much more memorable. Looking for someone to customize a candy buffet at your wedding? Check out Catherine Scerbo events for everything candy!



Sometimes you don’t need to do much to create a theme. Often, your venue may provide it for you. If you plan a wedding at a venue near the water, think about incorporating a nautical theme. If your location has an intimate feel, you may want to transport your guests into a fairy tale wedding with your décor.  Use the natural beauty of you wedding’s atmosphere to your advantage.


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Which Season is Best to Host Your Wedding? Review the Pros and Cons

As soon as wedding bells start to ring− and that shiny rock has found its new home on the left ring finger− there are a few vital decisions that need to be made before you call the caterer. Before a dress can be chosen, or a menu or even a theme, one factor needs to be decided on…when will the wedding take place?

The traditional idea of a spring wedding is being chased by new ideas of enchanting fall ceremonies and majestic winter receptions. With such great wedding potential in every season, deciding on the ideal time to make your fairytale come to life can become a challenge. To help sort out the commotion, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each potential wedding-hosting season. Hopefully this can help you and your beau decide on the best time of year to get hitched!

P.S. Don’t forget to scroll down to our list of important dates to take into consideration when planning your big day.


  • Pros
    • Embrace the Natural Theme Having a wedding in the colder months means you’re gifted a winter wonderland theme. Welcome the season by having cozy décor with features such as big windows and a fireplace. Put your guests in the season’s mood by serving hot cocoa and giving out candy canes as favors.
    • Discounts on Venues and Vendors Because winter tends to be the off-season for weddings, many venues and vendors offer discounted prices for their services. If you’re looking to save money on your celebration, winter may be the best time to host your wedding.
    • Take Advantage of Shorter Days Winter tends to feel gloomy because of the limited amount of daylight. Turn this into your benefit. Shorter days mean you can have your wedding begin earlier in the day and go longer into the evening, without it ending too late.
  • Cons
    • Holiday Chaos Because of the proximity to all the holidays that happen in the winter months, you may need to accept that some guests may not be able to attend.
    • Weather Winter storms can be unpredictable. Even those who RSVP “yes” may be forced to miss or be late to your wedding due to inclement weather. Just something to keep in mind.
    • Winter Theme People come to expect a winter wonderland theme for winter weddings. If you don’t provide that, some people may be put off.
    • Indoor Restrictions Some couples may try to be daring in the winter and host some sort of outdoor aspect to their wedding. However, your guests may not be so keen on braving the cold.


  • Pros
    • Happy People Usually, spring brings out better moods in people because of things like better weather and blooming flowers. These good moods will be the cherry on top to your wedding.
    • Ideal Temperatures Some argue the best thing about spring is the climate.  Not too hot or too cold. Perfect for an outdoor wedding.
    • Open Dates For a spring wedding, it is best to schedule the date during spring breaks when family and friends may be more likely to attend.
    • Fresh Harvest Something that may be overlooked is the wonderful season of harvest that spring brings. Many fruits and vegetables are in-season which can be nicely incorporated into your menu.
  • Cons
    • Sniffle Season Spring also brings on allergy season, which may be problematic for guests attending an outdoor wedding.
    • Peak Prices With the peak event season comes peak prices. To get the venue you want at a better price, you may have to sacrifice a weekend day for a weekday.
    • Peak Wedding Season The majority of weddings, and many other events happen during the spring. Guests may have other weddings/milestone events to attend.


  • Pros
    • Picturesque Scenery Beautiful weather and backdrops make for great outdoor weddings in the summer.
    • Venue Availability With the wedding rush season being over, there may be more desirable venues that are available for summer nuptials.
    • Extended Celebrations Longer days and more sunlight can mean a longer celebration.
  • Cons
    • Vacation Time Summer is the time when many people, especially those who have children, decide to go away on vacation. This may threaten the number of guests that are able to attend your wedding.
    • Hot Temperatures Because of hot temperatures, makeup can run and threaten the outcome of pictures. Wearing formal attire can be uncomfortable to the wedding party and guests that need to run around in hot weather.
    • Higher Hotel Rates Summer is peak travel season. If you’re having a wedding in a location that requires guests book a hotel room for the night, rates may be much higher than expected.


  • Pros
    • Magical Foliage The changing colors of the leaves can make for an absolutely stunning back drop at an outdoor wedding.
    • Weather In early fall, temperatures are usually still ideal with warm afternoons and crisp evenings.
    • Varied Venue Choices The theme of fall brings the options of varied venues. Mountain resorts and state parks make for great places to host a fall wedding.
    • Dress Options Because of the weather, brides have more options of the kinds of dresses to wear. Longer sleeves, for example, are a great option for the big day.
  • Cons
    • Guest Availability Many people go back to school, whether it’s to teach or be a student. This may affect their decision to attend your wedding.
    • Short on Cash People may be short on cash after going on vacation over the summer. Instead of giving the happy couple the amount of money to cover their plate, your guests may feel it is better to miss the event altogether.

Here are some additional dates to keep in mind when planning your big day…

  • New Year’s and Christmas (Usually ranging between the 23th of December and the 5th of January)
  • Super Bowl Weekend (Usually early February)
  • Mother’s Day (early May)
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Last weekend in May)
  • First weekend in June (According to LJ Productions’ experience, this is the most common wedding weekend of the year)
  • 4th of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend (Early September)
  • The World Series (Sometime in October)
  • Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving Weekend
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How to Say “I Love You” Without Spending a Dime

Love is in the air…and so is frustration. Valentine’s Day may be the day to celebrate love but let’s face it; it’s also another wallet-depleting holiday. Last year Americans spent $17.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Yep-that’s billion, with a B! Even cupid would agree that’s just crazy.

Why not try something different this year? We’ve listed some V-Day gestures that are not only romantic (probably more romantic than what you’re used to doing for the holiday), but free. That’s right-totally, completely, 100% free. Doubt your partner will be impressed? We lovingly disagree, and encourage you to give one or two of these ideas a try. Feel free to report back here or on our Facebook page!

Coupon Book. Create your own coupon book full of loving, sexy “coupons”. Your partner will be able to “cash in” these coupons whenever they choose. You can include cute things such as “a morning of breakfast in bed” or “choose the movie tonight”.  Don’t worry about making the coupon book perfect. You may want to print the coupons out at home or draw them up by hand.

Massage. More than likely, you’ve promised your partner a massage once or twice before. Whether or not you came through on the promise is another story. Few things are more intimate than a massage, but they can run up to over $100 an hour. Give your partner a complimentary massage. Dim the lights and use lotion you already have at home to create a sensual night-in.

Love Notes. This is one of my favorite ideas. If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you probably haven’t written a love note in quite some time. This is the perfect occasion to play catch-up. Just like with the coupon book, don’t worry about making the notes look perfect. In fact, handwritten love notes are much more romantic. If you’re planning on cooking dinner for your valentine, perhaps you can lead a trail to the table with a few short love notes. Not only are love notes genuinely romantic, they’re keepsakes that your partner can treasure for a long time.

Couples’ Games. Give your night-in the perfect touch of flirty fun with couples’ games. You can choose use these games as foreplay, like the famous ‘naughty dice’ game, or you can choose to keep things innocent and flirty with ’20 questions’. Get more ideas for free couples’ games here.

Create a Playlist. If you have an established playlist on your personal computer and are familiar with your valentine’s taste in music, this is a great option for you. You can burn the playlist on a CD and sign it with a loving saying. Thinking this is too cheesy? Maybe so, but it works for some. Remember this scene from No Strings Attached?

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