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Same-Sex Marriage & The Wedding Industry

Our attendance at the Gay & Lesbian Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center (March 17 – 18), along with the many Civil Unions we have had the honor to host, has compelled LJ Productions, a leading voice in our industry, to make a point for how same sex marriage affects our industry as a whole.

The passing of a Same Sex Marriage bill represents so much for the LGBT community, but for the wedding industry it also has a positive impact on our bottom line. Any business that wishes to succeed is always on the lookout for new markets and new groups of people to offer their services and goods to. This opportunity was, and is still, being played out in Congress. Ultimately, our government will decide whether or not this market is made available. This is obviously a market most wedding professional would like to engage in.

While the debate will surely continue, the one argument not being heard is how this bill can help the wedding industry. Many wedding professionals felt the pinch of the economic collapse and are still limping towards their own recovery.  By passing the bill, a whole new market opens up and business opportunities will flourish for these struggling professionals. As a wedding entertainment company, we have seen a trend toward higher end packages for our LGBT clientele. If this one DJ company has benefited from Civil Unions, the wedding industry as a whole will absolutely reap the rewards if a national bill is passed.

It’s important to also mention, that everyone, not just heterosexuals, have the right to an incredible reception following a legalized ceremony.

UPDATE 10/22/13: Yesterday, October 21, 2013, New Jersey became the 14th state in the country to drop the ban on same sex marriage. We congratulate all of the couples who are now able to proclaim their love for one another and celebrate doing so.

The NOT so “Sweet” 16

When you hear “Sweet 16” I am sure you automatically think about a girls birthday party filled with glittery things, big cakes, and bright pink decorations.  Well, here at LJ Productions we are trying to change the old perceptions of the “Sweet 16”.  This past weekend, with the help of Jack Bermeo & Priscila Mendes, we were able to pull of “Club Jack” at the Morris County Country Club.  This 16th birthday for Jack resulted in an amazing experience not only for the birthday boy but also for his family & closest friends.  The collaboration between Claire (Jacks mother) and Jack created a club atmosphere completely transforming a sweet country club into a sick club.  The final details were left up to Jack and Priscila who worked together to bring Jack and Claire’s ideas into reality.

 Jack and Priscila decided to create two cabanas inside of the reception hall that included pipe and draping, lounge furniture, ottomans, and personalized roman numerals at each cabanas entrance.  They also collaborated on making centerpieces for each table that would fit the theme of the party.  The tables were covered with navy linens topped with LED vases that contrasted the linens with pink lighting.  A personalized monogram and step and repeat banner with photographer were included in this package; while LED stages, intelligent lighting and up-lighting added that extra effect that made every guest feel they were entering “CLUB JACK”.       

If you’d like to book your party with us, give us a call at 973.751.8850 or visit our website. We commit to making your party not only amazing but one of a kind! Our packages are customizable and can include anything from pipe and draping, photo-booths, money-booths, the one & only MUNCH TRUCK, confetti, glow packages, personalized giveaways, t-shirts, up lighting, cabanas, lounge furniture, LED stages, and more! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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