Last Day in Las Vegas

Priscila and I had the pleasure of spending our last full day with Jack & Jorge.  We spend so much time together in the office, at Bridal Expos, and at other events that it was fun to get away from work and have some fun.  Priscila and I started our day by sitting by the pool on this beautiful 70 degree day in Vegas.  Unfortunately, the pool was physically closed but we still got a little color which was the whole purpose.

After the pool, Jack took us to the Fremont Section of Las Vegas which includes all the old casinos and a zip-line.  Priscila and I zip-lined across the mall which was quick and slightly less than amusing.  It takes longer to get set up than to actually zip-line which was a huge disappointment for both of us.  The zip-line is 800 ft long and travels up to 30mph which means your pretty much done in about 45 seconds.  (WAH)  We then took a LONG stroll up towards the Riviera stopping at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the TV show PawnStars.  Yes, if you watch the show…I love ChumLee & no, we did not buy anything.

After this we stopped at Treasure Islands Margarita Bar for some HUGE Margaritas! They were amazing and did exactly what we expected.  We then watched Jack gamble at the Palazzo and did some souvenir shopping.  After Palazzo everyone got ready and headed out to Surrender at Encore.  Surrender was beautiful with outdoor patio section with a pool and bars while the inside was lined with couches and of course the inevitable stripper poles.  Everyone had a blast at Surrender and I definitely did not want to leave.

Surrender was the end of our trip in Vegas and it was quite the memorable evening.  Drinks were flowing & we danced the night away with the entire crew.

Priscila and I would love to thank Jack & Jorge for allowing us ladies to tag along on this trip.  Overall, It was an amazing time!  We had the opportunity to meet great people and get to know other members of the LJ team.

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