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Whitney, tormented while alive but celebrated in death. Why the media has a bipolar relationship with the famous.

Whitney Houston, a Newark, New Jersey native, was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday, February 11th 2012 at a very young 48 years of age.  Whitney sold 170 million albums, singles, and videos and set records by having 7 consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hits (Whitney Houston’s website).  She is still the only artist who has seven consecutive multi-platinum albums while her rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” has gone 4x platinum.  Guinness World Records has listed Whitney as musics, “most awarded female artist of all time”.  Her humanitarian efforts reached organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the United Negro College Fund, and the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.  Her voice captured audiences around the world and inspired many artists we listen to today.  But with such a tremendous career you would think that the latest news on Whitney would be positive.  Most recently, we have heard all about Whitneys drug abuse, turbulent relationship with Bobbi Brown, failed recovery, and financial woes.  I feel awful especially for her daughter who has lost her mother at the young age of 18, and for her family who has lost a daughter, sister, and more.

Who I do not feel for is the media and their exploitation of Whitney, both alive and dead.  Yes, we lost an amazing artist but we can always remember her through her music which was really the only way we ever felt her presence in our daily lives.  The media has caused Whitney’s death to become a spectacle.  Particularly, people like Nancy Grace and her counter-parts have put their two cents in and continue to cause more pain for the family than they have already suffered.  I do believe that Nancy Grace is by far one of the most disgusting public figures out there who will spew out any information she believes is true regardless of its impact for ratings.  How dare she allege that someone physically drowned her without any autopsy results or police reports to confirm this information.  Unfortunately, it seems as if there is a trend of celebrities losing control of their lives, careers, and more.  This isn’t the first artist in recent times to die due to alcohol or drug abuse, remember Michael and Amy?  These artists are public figures and they acknowledge this when they sign contracts and endorsement deals, but their private lives and struggles should never be up for debate unless they publicly acknowledge their inner demons.  But lets all remember that it was the media who put all of Whitney’s business out there for everyone to chew up and spit out.  As Whitney’s life spiraled out of control they were the first to report and judge the famed singer on a regular basis, again, just for sensationalism.  Now that Whitney has passed they fail to mention all of the previous reports of her drug and alcohol abuse and celebrate her as Americas sweetheart.  Recovering from addiction is not an easy journey to conquer especially in the public eye.  Of course we do not know what Whitney has died of just yet but she did die alone in a bathtub…and we can only speculate what the cause of death is.  Everyone needs to stop making assumptions until the results are released and let Whitney rest in peace and her family mourn respectfully.

RIP Whitney

Whitney Houston- I will always love you

<3 mariza

Last Day in Las Vegas

Priscila and I had the pleasure of spending our last full day with Jack & Jorge.  We spend so much time together in the office, at Bridal Expos, and at other events that it was fun to get away from work and have some fun.  Priscila and I started our day by sitting by the pool on this beautiful 70 degree day in Vegas.  Unfortunately, the pool was physically closed but we still got a little color which was the whole purpose.

After the pool, Jack took us to the Fremont Section of Las Vegas which includes all the old casinos and a zip-line.  Priscila and I zip-lined across the mall which was quick and slightly less than amusing.  It takes longer to get set up than to actually zip-line which was a huge disappointment for both of us.  The zip-line is 800 ft long and travels up to 30mph which means your pretty much done in about 45 seconds.  (WAH)  We then took a LONG stroll up towards the Riviera stopping at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the TV show PawnStars.  Yes, if you watch the show…I love ChumLee & no, we did not buy anything.

After this we stopped at Treasure Islands Margarita Bar for some HUGE Margaritas! They were amazing and did exactly what we expected.  We then watched Jack gamble at the Palazzo and did some souvenir shopping.  After Palazzo everyone got ready and headed out to Surrender at Encore.  Surrender was beautiful with outdoor patio section with a pool and bars while the inside was lined with couches and of course the inevitable stripper poles.  Everyone had a blast at Surrender and I definitely did not want to leave.

Surrender was the end of our trip in Vegas and it was quite the memorable evening.  Drinks were flowing & we danced the night away with the entire crew.

Priscila and I would love to thank Jack & Jorge for allowing us ladies to tag along on this trip.  Overall, It was an amazing time!  We had the opportunity to meet great people and get to know other members of the LJ team.

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One word: Insanity

Day 2 of this Vegas trip will absolutely be one for the books.  Priscila & I decided to go Indoor Skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving established as the first Indoor Skydiving location in the US in 1982.  Our instructor Reynolds was hysterical, enthusiastic, and ready to show us a good time.  We would most certainly recommend this attraction to any new comer or frequent visitor of Las Vegas, especially to those who want the thrill without the actual jumping out of a plane.

After Indoor Skydiving, we prepared ourselves for dinner & a night at the Marquee.  We had a VIP section that included bottle service with beautiful women tending to our every thirst quenching desire.  Yes, thats right, in Vegas you don’t even pour your own drinks in VIP (take a note of that New Jersey).  We also had the opportunity to run into former *NYSNC member Joey Fatone.  Yes, I was an *NYSNC fan and my favorite member was always Mr. Fatone and not only was he sweet enough to take the time to take a photo with me but he was hysterically funny.

The highlight of the evening had to be the mini concert by Busta Rhymes.  Incredible! This was definitely the best part of the trip for me thus far because I have loved Busta since he got me all in check back in the day.  I will be posting up the video on our Facebook page later on today!


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A Giant Superbowl Win!

Well, we arrived in Vegas.  Lets just say its all and more I expected it to be.  Our first stop was at In & Out Burger which serves burgers and fries in an old school setting.  The line was long, quick, and service was perfect.  It literally is a burger factory that produces amazing burgers in a quick amount of time.  I would definitely recommend eating a double double with an order of fries.  My only qualm with In & Out is the lack of “healthier” choices but if your hitting up a burger joint its probably because your not looking for a fresh salad.

After In & Out we began planning where we would watch the Super Bowl.  Although I am not a Giants fan I definitely looked forward to a good rematch between the Patriots & the Giants.  We decided to watch the game at Mandalay Bay in one of their amazing bars.

Drinks flowed, food was served, and the excitement could not be contained.  There were some anxious moments for giants fans especially right before Manning made that huge throw giving them the opportunity to capture the lead with little time left on the clock.  Once the game was over the crew separated and everyone went about their own celebratory path.

The girls along with Jorge and Fawzy decided to explore the Vegas strip.  Honestly, if you’ve walked the NYC streets you may think you have seen it all but Vegas will trump NYC any day.  You will see Elvis impersonators, magicians, and so much more; but you will also find a plethora of people handing out fliers advertising “sexy girls”.  I suggest that you stay away from those fliers, no bueno.  What I do suggest is that you eat at the Bellagio buffet.  They have an incredible variety of delicious food.

Well, I am done here for today…off to explore what else Vegas has to offer.  Todays itinerary includes Indoor Skydiving, dinner, and the Marquee.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful post-Superbowl Sunday Monday!  Congrats to all the NY Giants fans out there!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

On Sunday, the ladies of LJ Productions will take their first trip to Vegas together with Jack & Jorge. We have watched tons of movies about Vegas and heard the crazy stories about it as well. This does give us a little bit of a clue of what is about to happen to us, but I still wonder if Sin City is really as crazy as everyone claims it is. I really hope I do not wake up on the roof of some random hotel but knowing Jack & Jorge who knows what they have up their sleeves for their Vegas virgins.  Of course, we will be working while in Vegas but who says the girls can’t go out and play too?  I know I am definitely looking forward to seeing the strip, dancing at the clubs, and of course watching the Giants win the Superbowl.  One of my plans for Vegas is to capture some of the strips madness with Jacks fancy Canon DSLR that I dream about on a regular occasion.  I have two reasons for doing this; 1. I would love to start my own photography business that focuses on families, couples, and babies; and 2. I think candid photography captures a better story than any other method out there.  Vegas is full of characters and I cannot wait to meet & photograph as many as I can.

While the girls work on their usual office duties the boys will be attending the seminars provided by Mobile Beat.  Looks like fun huh?  Well, if your a DJ this is the place to be especially if you want to check out all the new equipment out there.

Well, pray for us girls and cheers to a good time in Vegas.  I will be blogging and tweeting on behalf of LJ Productions throughout the trip. Make sure you keep up with all the action here at our blog, facebook, and twitter!

Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page with any pointers for the ladies.  We’d love your suggestions on where to go, what to see, and who to meet! And if you need an entertainment company that will rock your world, give us a call (973.751.8850).

Viva Las Vegas

<3 Mariza

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