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Party of the Week: Graces 50th Birthday!

This weeks Party of the Week is Graces 50th Birthday party held at The Fiesta in Wood Ridge, NJ on Saturday, January 14th.

What made this event so spectacular was the birthday girls party spirit.  Grace booked LJ Productions particularly because of our ability to personalize every party and cater to our clients every need.  Grace set out specific guidelines for our DJ to follow from what songs to play, Philippine line dancing numbers, a performance by her niece, and she specifically requested that her guests be on the dance floor all night long.  Jorge, who is responsible for booking talent to events at LJ, knew that DJ Frank would be a perfect fit for this event.  His high energy, personality, and mixing talent was exactly what the guest of honor was looking for.

Jorge also assigned Mariza, LJs social media junkie, as a motivational dancer responsible for performing the line dances, the Todo Todo by Daniela Romo and September by Earth, Wind, and Fire.  One of the more challenging aspects of this party was finding a dancer who knew these line dances requested by Grace.  Mariza took it upon herself to learn these dances and executed them perfectly during the party.  She also did a bit more research on Philippine Line Dancing and added the number, Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel by Tavares, for the party.  Little did she know she was dancing right next to the man who choreographed all these numbers himself.  Mariza had an amazing time with the guests and was honored to share the dance floor with a 17 year veteran in Ballroom Dancing.  The atmosphere of this party was obvious from the beginning to the end; everyone was there to celebrate a special milestone with Grace and just have a good old time doing it.  Grace even requested an extra hour of our services and the party kept going strong through the night.

We would like to thank Grace and her family for their hospitality and for allowing us at LJ Productions to host her very special birthday.

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Bridal Expos: Why they’re worth it.

As a bride living in a state where I am unfamiliar with wedding vendors I have feared attending Bridal Expos.  There are a variety of reasons many brides do not attend these expos; including mass emails that flood your inbox, mailings, unsolicited phone calls, and the awkwardness of some vendors “sales” pitches.  My fiance and I have attended two showcases since our engagement and here are some pointers on how to make these expos work for you.  First off, create a wedding email address (ex: and never give any vendor your personal email address unless they have been booked.  This will allow you to keep your personal email after getting hitched without having to go to those pesky unsubscribe sites.  Another pointer, be wary of those phone calls after the show claiming that you have won wedding bands or other items, of course…after you attend a 1 hour showcase of sorts that attempts to sell you any plethora of products.

Here are the reasons you should attend Bridal Expos, every chance you can:

1. Venues:  These expos are held in specific locations for a reason.  You may have never thought to hold your reception at PNC Bank Arts Center but low and behold they have a beautiful 6,000 square foot room that holds up to 500 guests.  This room is incredible and personally, I would have never even known about it had I not attended a Bridal Expo this past summer.

2. Vendors, Vendors, and more Vendors: Expos work best for Brides who have just begun planning their special day.  These vendors can tip you towards what colors or themes you would like to use or provide you with any other advice you may need.  My fiance and I discovered a perfect venue location for our wedding through a vendor from an expo.  At times a google search or wedding site doesn’t provide the help you’ll need to plan every aspect.  These vendors practically eat, breathe, and sleep weddings and they can and will point you in the right direction.  It is important to use your time wisely with vendors and make sure you are prepared with questions.  This is your time to have your picking of who you are willing to invest in to make your day stand out from all others.

3. Prizes:  Recently, LJ Productions was at a bridal expo at the Landmark in East Rutherford, NJ and they gave away a free Bachlorette party and honeymoon!  Remember when I told you to be wary of prizes, I was detailing those given out after the expo via another “vendor”.  The prizes Brides win during the expos are incredible and could help a bride and groom planning a wedding on a tight budget.

4. Discounts/Freebies:  Many vendors will offer a discounts/freebies of sorts for booking them through these expos.  Some will give a 15-20% discount or some will throw in some extras (ex: free photo-booth/engagement sessions/lighting).  With the economic crisis who doesn’t want or even need some extras?  Another pointer, attend these events as early as possible in your planning process.  Booking a vendor sooner than later can guarantee cheaper prices as they tend to increase their prices on a yearly basis.

5. Free food:  Who doesn’t like free food?  The food will be provided either by the venue or an outside catering company.  If you are unsure of whether or not you would like to book the venue/caterer, you could always use the expos menu as a sample menu for your own wedding day.  Always use these expos as an inspiration and write everything down that you like or do not like.  You can always use them in the future when planning or discussing details with your vendors/planners.

6. Networking:  By networking I don’t mean with vendors only.  Get courageous and talk with other brides about when they’re wedding is, what they’re themes/colors are, and anything else that could help you.  Remember these expos are for you and its entirely up to you how you plan to use the information given to you.


LJ Productions Bridal Expo Calendar

LJ Productions is proud to present our Bridal Expo Calendar for January 2012.  Look for us!

1.5.12     7pm-10pm        The Landmark

1.8.12     1pm-5pm          PNC Bank Arts Center

1.15.12   1pm-4pm          Dolce

1.17.12   7pm-10pm       Maritime Parc

1.22.12   1pm-4pm          The Imperia

1.25.12   7pm-10pm        The Atrium

1.28.12   11am-4pm        Westchester County Center

1.29.12    1pm-4pm         Avenue

Click the links for venue addresses and other information.  Feel free to contact our office for more information or to book a consultation with an event specialist at 973.751.8850! We look forward to meeting all the beautiful brides.

Happy New Year and Happy planning!

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