This Dirty Dancing Themed First Wedding Dance is EPIC

LJDJs had a blast planning with Lindsay and Richie. Naturally any couple planning a New Years Eve Wedding will be a little behind in their wedding program and music requests along with a chillax attitude that everything is going to be alright. We’ve experienced over 500 weddings every year but this couple took the cake when it came down to the last minute changes. Jack Bermeo was the host and event entertainment that night and he shares his experience. “Lindsay and Richie were so laid back about everything that the trust they had with me and my team was noticed when I received about 20 text messages about all of their changes for intros and song. Heck, we didn’t even have their wedding song that they’ve been rehearsing for.”  We all came together to do one thing. Execute a flawless intro and first dance.  Needless to say… her wedding first dance was captured by one of her guests and organically her first dance went viral with over 12 million views and going. We had full production show with a live ball drop and Co2 shots, confetti, LJDJS Custom Video Wall, LJDJ Signature Chandelier DJ BOOOTH and a lot of surprises.  Check it out on our Vimeo page.  So if you are looking to have a different wedding experience, trust LJDJs to help plan one of the best weddings ever that you and your guests will ever witness.

Here is what LJDJs provided for our amazing couple.

Theatrical Dry Ice

Intelligent Lighting

2x 70 inch monitors

8×10 Custom Video Wall

LJDJS Signature Chandlier DJ Booth

Customized Truss Wave Lighting

2 Stationary Co2 Canons


Confetti Blasts

PHOTO AND VIDEO provided by Anthony Ziccardi Studios

Check out the video below

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( Check out the video on our LED video wall and Lindsay… #NAILEDIT )

The journey for greatness, recognition and lifetime of memories in the mobile industry.

The journey for greatness, recognition and lifetime of memories in the mobile industry.

When your team does something awesome—whether it’s finishing a project a few days ahead of time or learning new ways of creating a memorable event experience you, as a manager, want to reward and recognize them.

Let’s get to know our amazing team that helped create some awesome memories!

Chris Andres


How long have you been hosting events? I’ve been hosting events as an MC for 12 years or so.

What is your specialty in music?  I’d like to say that there’s no music I specialize in, however top 40 hits seem to be the most common genre I play week after week.   However, there are lots of ethnic events I do such as Filipino, Latino, Jewish, Middle Eastern and Caribbean.

What have you overcome as a DJ/MC to become better at your craft?  Speaking in front of a live audience. To speak on the mic in front of a live audience.  Lately, doing events that I’m not strong in (Mitzvahs)

Can you share one of your best wedding experience?  Under a tent in 96 degrees humidity and everyone was miserable.  I was able to win the crowd over without drawing anymore attention to the uncomfortableness.  Not a big crowd, but i was able to get them to dance regardless of the heat because I got personal with everyone. I studied the names of the intros and used it calling people out throughout the night.  They wrote a review days later without me asking for the review about how well it went

Can you share one memory as to “how you saved a party from a disaster? See above.

What information can you share with potential clients who want to book you as a host?  Relating to their current situation and extract their emotions.

What’s your mission for your clients when they book you!!!???  Have the best time of your lives before you get hitched!



How long have you been hosting events?
I have been hosting event for 3 years under LJDJs.

What is your specialty in music?
I’ve DJed many genres from African to Motown but my specialities in music include Hip-Hop, Jersey Club, House, and Pop.

What have you overcome as a DJ/MC to be better at your craft?
I have overcome one of the most uncomfortable and nerve-wracking situations, public speaking.

Can you share one of your best wedding experiences?
One of the best wedding moments I have experienced was seeing TKA perform live at a wedding on New Years. They were a ton of fun and it was great to see all of the adults become kids again when they performed their favorite songs.

Can you share one memory as to how you saved a party from a disaster?
During a 1st communion event I was hosting, one of the grandfather’s fell in the lobby and the entire was cleared as everyone ran to the grandfather. After about 3 minutes of panic, it was my job to get everyone back into the room and their minds off of what happened. I got everyone back in with a game of Ballroom Blitz followed by several other line dances and by that time, the coast was clear and everyone had moved on from the situation. Also the grandfather was fine because he came up to me later on and said, “Don’t worry I fall all the time.”

What information can you share with potential clients who want to book you as a host?
I like to give events a fun, youthful, and exciting feel when I am hosting, allowing for everyone to have a great time and experience. Communication with a client is key and I will always make myself available to answer any questions they may have or just put them at ease from all the stresses of event planning.

What’s your mission for your clients when they book you?
My mission is to always give my clients piece of mind that their event is taken care of and give them the confidence of knowing that they made the right choice picking me to host their event.



How long have you been hosting events? For about 10 years now.

What is your specialty in music? I specialize in Latin, Top 40s, House, Oldies, and my favorite Dance Hall and Reggae.

What have you overcome as a DJ/MC to be better at your craft? One of the things that helped me better my craft was the pressure of performing at an event. Fear was also a small factor that mixed in with the pressure as well. At the end, I over came pressure by preparing for my events and also making time management a priority. I made sure that I would practice all announcements a head of time and right names phonetically. With fear, after doing my first event I pretty much told myself that there is nothing to be afraid of because I want to do this for the rest of my life.

Can you share one of your best wedding experience? The best wedding experience I had, I did last year at the Park Savoy in Florham Park, NJ for a couple who are professional ballroom dancers. What I loved is that you can sense their guest were itching to dance because they are all students of the dance school the couple owns and runs. Once formalities were over, the dance floor was flooded with dancers of all ages. I had the opportunity to meet a 5-time World Champion in ballroom dancing and a dancer who was partners with Michael Irving on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars.

Can you share one memory as to “how you saved a party from a disaster? The grandmother of the bride had a bad heart attack during the last hour of the wedding. After the ambulance came and the bride calming down a little, there was only about 5 minutes left and as per request from the bride during our finals meeting, she requested Sweet Carolina by Neil Diamond, and I asked the groom if we can play it in the background as I closed out the event, which he thought was a perfect idea. I called the bride and groom over and had their guest form a big circle around them to close out the night and had everyone hold hands. You can see the guest eyes were swollen from holding back tears thinking about the bride’s grandmother. I told the guest that I am going to count to 3 and have everyone give our bride and groom a big group hug. As we were cleaning up to get ready to go, both the bride and groom approached us with the news that her grandmother had passed on the way to the hospital. With all of her hurt and tears, they both hugged me and thanked me for playing the song and having their friends and family join them for that hug. Overall it was an amazing event, and with the unfortunate event, I took a chance and got what we love to hear in the industry, “Thank You!”

What information can you share with potential clients who want to book you as a host? I have an extensive customer service and sales background under my belt. I am a firm believer in making sure that my clients get what is right for them and their special day. My goal is to make you feel very comfortable with me when we first meet. This will give me an opportunity to build your vision, I will show you all of the options we can provide, and paint a picture for you that will fit your budget. Weddings are very expensive and my clients have or will pay top dollar for their weddings entertainment. Our services, for example; photo booths, TV screens, lighting, or a smoke machine will not make or break your wedding, it’s the entertainer. I want my potential clients to understand and see that with the years of experience and the extensive training that my current partners provide and practice everyday, you will be taken care of. You may hear that from all of our competitors in the business, but what sets my team and I apart is the lengths that we will go to make your day unforgettable. Site visits, helping find a photographer or a florist, or you just need some to help plan your event, my team and I are there. We also set up hours before your event to make sure everything is running smoothly. My team from the DJ or my MC will get a copy of all the paper work and mapping that we build, as well as the person in charge at the venue. I am not the type of person that waits to see you a month before your wedding or event, I am here for any and all of your needs for your event until the end.

What’s your mission for your clients when they book you!!!??? At the end of the day I only have one shot to make your day memorable. My goal, is to make sure I am available from when you sign your contract, till we say goodbye at the end of your event. As your Event Host and Coordinator, I will map out your event by visiting your venue and showing how we will set up. We will talk about music and what to play for your introductions, first dance and parent dances. If you did not book our own photographers or videographers, give me their information so I can reach out to them. The list can go on and on with what I can do for you and your day. My mission is to make sure you and your guest never forget the amazing time we had. I know that my mission is complete once I say goodbye and you are happy with what I promised you.

Mike SIlva


How long have you been hosting events? I’ve been DJ’ing in one form or another for about 15 years.  More recently, I’ve been hosting events and helping brides and grooms plan their weddings for 5 years.

What is your specialty in music? There isn’t one single genre of music that defines my style.  I like to move with the crowd and that means being flexible with selections of songs.  Playing to diverse crowds of people at events such as weddings or sweet 16s has really given me the experience to flow between different styles of music and keep guests engaged on the dancefloor.

What have you overcome as a DJ/MC to be better at your craft? Overcoming the anxiety of public speaking and becoming nervous while hosting an event was my biggest hurdle and the most satisfying once I was able to conquer those fears.  I had amazing people around me that gave me the opportunity to learn and advance my skills as a host and they guided me to become an excellent MC and host to this day.

Can you share one of your best wedding experience? I always tend to say my last wedding was the best experience I’d ever had because every wedding is unique and special in its own way, and theres always something in each event that makes it amazing.  It’s why I love what I do and being able to be a part of these personal and intimate experiences with my brides and grooms.  But to single out a specific moment, I would probably have to say traveling to New Orleans in 2015.  It was a memorable trip.  New Orleans was new to me.  I had never been, and to soak in the city for the first time was truly great and then to be able to plan and host a wedding in the center of the French Quarter with a ton of New Jersey residents that also flew down NOLA was an experience of a lifetime.  I’ll never forget that trip.

Can you share one memory as to “how you saved a party from a disaster? Dealing with drunk or angry family members is always something that can lead to an out right disaster for a bride and groom.  I’ve experienced situations with drunk guests getting naked on the dancefloor or angry family members that were on the verge of fighting one another because certain things through out the event weren’t going the way they had wanted.  The best thing a host like myself can do is remain calm and rely on my team and the staff at the venue to come together and handle the situation as best as possible without making the situation worse.  When it comes to disaster coordination is key.  My job as host is to keep the party fun and uplifting and at the same time coordinating with my team and the venue to address the problem immediately.

What information can you share with potential clients who want to book you as a host? I want to be sure that any future brides and grooms I interact with are comfortable with me first, and that starts by creating a connection.  From a business stand point most hosts want to get down to the specifics of planning a wedding and never truly get a sense for who the bride and groom really are.  Creating that connection and getting to know the story that built the relationship gives me a sense of who they are as people as well as their family.  And I’m able to carry that connection to their wedding day and make that day even more unique and special.  Making a personal connection with the bride and groom also allows me to create and plan an evening that’s truly what they wanted instead of trying to sell them a package that they wouldn’t be interested in.   This leads to a trusting relationship between newlyweds and myself and makes for a better event.

What’s your mission for your clients when they book you!!!??? I strive for unexpected reactions.  And what I mean by that is, I live for moments when family and guests come up to me at the end of an event to simply compliment me on an amazing show.  When a bride and groom hug me as they walk out and tell me that their family doesn’t stop mentioning how great the entertainment was.  That’s the reason why I do what I do and the mission I take on when I book new clients.



How long have I been hosting events.

I first started Djing when I was a sophomore in High School. I started organizing and hosting “Teen Nights” at different lounges and nightclubs in the central jersey area.

What is my specialty in Music?

I have played just about every genre there is out there. From House Music to Latin and also even COUNTRY. For me music has no limits. But my specialty has definitely been House Music. More specifically Progressive House, from all the years I have been DJing in nightclubs and this also being the music I produce, I developed a good ear for it and it is really my favorite thing to play.

What have I had to overcome as a DJ to better my craft?

When I first started DJing I really just got thrown into it from little remixes I was making on my computer in High School. The first time I went to a venue to DJ my words definitely spoke louder than my actions. When it came time for me to perform I walked up to the mixer and it looked like I was about to fly a space ship, It hit me I had no idea what I was doing. But instead of getting discouraged and walking away I went back every week to practice, even on nights there wasn’t supposed to be a DJ. At a young age I realized this is what I wanted to do with my life and also knew i was going to have to bust my ass. I learned all the basics from beat matching by ear and than learned how to use each effect on the mixer to better my sets. From that one Lounge it helped me expand to something I was doing on average 3 nights a week within a year to now a full career.

Can you share one of your best wedding experiences?

This is a very tough question for me. There are no two weddings that are the same and it is a different experience every time. At LJDJs we spend countless hours in the office prepping and focusing on each client where the most satisfying feeling seeing the visions turn into realities. If had to point out one of the many amazing moments that really stood out it would have to be the time I had a client break out into tears at the end of her wedding because I made her “Dream Wedding” come before her eyes. When you are a part in organizing and designing someone’s wedding, you are a major key in one of the most important days of their life and they will never forget you.

What information can you share with potential clients who want to book you as a host?

Doing this for as long as I have been, I have met a lot of amazing DJs, MCs, and Event Designers. For me, it is not just about the music that is being played. It is about the atmosphere I am creating. The amount of detail that goes into every production for each step of an event is so huge! Hearing each couples story and bringing out their personality at the event is what makes every wedding different and unique.

LJDJ’s Scores Big at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016!

LJDJ’s Scores Big at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2016!

By Calynn M Lawrence

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you have probably caught wind of one of the hottest up and coming entertainment and event companies around, LJDJ’s! LJDJ’s is a full time international entertainment and production company. They swear by their ability to create an even better experience than you and your loved ones ever imagined. They have been in business, changing the game for 17 years plus and they are not slowing down! This is evident in their latest score with their RFID bracelets at the 20th Annual Mobile Beat Las Vegas Convention 2016. Here’s what happened.

In case you did not know, Mobile Beat is an online and editorial magazine that serves to inspire party professionals and those who aim to entertain. They focus on spotlighting the latest technology, upcoming professionals, trends and tips for successful business ventures and event planning execution. Because of this, the magazine rightfully boasts that they have globally boosted bookings, improved performances and escalated many businesses. Aside from their magazine, they host events and conventions. One of which was their convention in 2016, located in Las Vegas, Mobile Beat Las Vegas. Anybody who’s anybody was there, including LJDJs very own Bryan Laycock and Jack Bermeo.

While in attendance, the people at LJDJ’s had an awesome time, enjoying not only the business benefits, networking opportunities and learning experiences but they thrived on the great atmosphere and fun spirit that was provided! One of their biggest accomplishments at the event was their time working with multi-award winning party hardy mogul Redfoo from the band LMFAO.


They allowed him to use their RFID bracelets that contain the latest technology and he was impressed to the point where he requested to have them at his future shows. What a huge win for them! Given his extensive experience in the industry, his approval evokes accomplishment, as his opinion is very weighted.

What makes these bracelets so appealing? Well, in short, there is an RFID chip placed inside of the bracelet so that it can send out radio waves. This technology is seen at Disney World and other them parks where you the guests, can now be part of an extravagant show! The way this product worked for MBLV was very interactive and entertaining for the guest. 500 RFID Bracelets were passed out through out the venue and a simple DMX controller controlled them all. This Technology is so advanced that we can enable more features like when you walk into your event, it automatically registers you as a scheduled guest, given that you were in fact a scheduled guest with an activated RFID wristband, and allows for speedy entry with little to no hastle! LJDJ’s has taken this concept and stepped it up by adding their own touch and taking innovative thoughts from “ideas to execution. Speaking on their RFID Bracelet services, the site quotes the following: “We put each guest right in the middle of the action where they instantly become part of a show. We add energy and emotion to any event, providing the nonverbal cues that draw people together and define memorable moments for your guests.”


As you can see, this new technology is hot and will be surfacing at all of the coolest events! It’s convenient, simple and effective. On top of that, it is backed by some of the most respected entertainers in the game right now. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Tiesto have been utilizing them at their concerts for a little while now. It is only a matter of time before you see them at every happening event around! If you would like more information on LJDJ’s take on this fiery festive technology, in addition to their other fantastic services, you may visit them at the website linked below!


Wedding DJs help launch Betsey Johnson’s new line called “Blue”

Blue by Betsey Johnson

The clash of punk rock edginess meets elegant trends in the Wedding Industry.

LJDJs had the pleasure of hosting another event for the one and only Betsey Johnson, One of Americas top fashion designers best known for her feminine punk rock designs meet todays fashion standards. The event was a great success with the release of Betsey’s new line titled “Blue by Betsey Johnson.”

Betsey with Jack

Betsey Hosting with Crystal and Jack

This industry is consistently known for elegance and a traditional look. Betsey’s line defiantly takes it up a notch with her chic but punk rock look. The line introduces a different option for brides but still offers somewhat of its own personality.


The event took place in New York City at the Steve Madden hand bag headquarters with appearances by none other than Betsey herself. Once again LJDJs had their signature photo party booth present, which allowed fans and bloggers to snap pictures with Betsey and models. LJ also worked directly with Betsey’s personal assistants to be sure the event embodied the vision of “Blue by Betsey.” A special quest DJ made an appearance better known as LJDJs very own DJ Crystal Vargas, who was requested by Betsey!

Crystal and Betsey 2

Betsey and DJ Crystal Vargas (In a tutu!)

Crystal and Betsey

Betsey Getting Friendly with DJ Crystal Vargas

This collaboration continues to grow based around entertainment and fashion. LJDJs and Betsey Johnson are both pushing the envelope within the wedding and entertainment space, which makes for a match made in rock star heaven!

Written by DJ Ryan Machovsky of LJDJs.  “Good Job!”

A smashing HIT with Santa and LJDJS!

Santa loves ljdjs was a hit! LJDJs invited all of our past and new clients to visit Santa and team LJDJs. All who attended had an exclusive meet and greet with the jolly old man where we all sang Christmas Carols, snap family pictures and even had some goodie bags filled with cookies and carrots for Santa’s reindeers. LJDJs staff was there to help create an enjoyable experience. We felt great seeing all of our clients with their little ones. The convenience of actually seeing your child sing and talk with Santa, its a parents cool experience.  Our team really enjoyed creating a memorable Christmas experience.

It’s fun to see all of our past clients come together for this one time family event.

Thank you once again and have a wonderful Christmas.

 (Below are some great pics of our event.)MAP_29812015-12-13_17-00-45.jpg_19438571-551b-49e5-a954-14c35a8fc6e9_FullSizeThumbMAP_3045eakUYMDtbc7bS-DD-oTQfLZhpOzu8n_zO4z2Wvq_34IH2dAETJuuSrg0qYV8kh6bvlPnH8SJGajXkKmvxgxxNMMAP_2988MAP_2467MAP_2542T9bWbjg0dDpMFJYqTvbBPoaV6yBDKmGdhcFNBATucRQ 2015-12-13_19-00-48.jpg_19438571-551b-49e5-a954-14c35a8fc6e9_FullSizeThumb

Santa Is Back with LJDJS 2015

Come one, come all, to the greatest LJDJ’s event of them all!


Mark your calendars and check them twice because LJDJ’s annual #SANTALOVESLJDJS event is around the corner. On December 16th 2015 Jack Bermeo and the gang at LJDJ’s will be hosting Santa all the way from the North Pole.

Give your child the opportunity to meet the real live SANTA; our past and present clients will have an exclusive invite to snap pictures with Jolly Old Saint Nick & staff before we open the doors to the general public. This definitely beats waiting in line at the mall that’s for sure! Our  staff will create a fantastic family experience as we sing Christmas songs, create some delicious treats and most importantly take home a great family photo.

Lets make this a family tradition. There is no fee for this event BUT your ticket to see Santa is a simple donation of clothing, books, shoes, and or canned goods at the door.

Everyone has something they don’t need that another person or family could benefit from.

This event will be held on Wednesday, December 16th 6-10 RSVP is a must! Thank you to all and let’s hope for the best for 2016. We look forward seeing you here.

Register here EVENTBRITE

THE BEST BRIDAL BRUNCH Part 2 with LJDJS Event Design and Entertainment

On November 15, 2015 LJDJ’s was at it again. Our 2nd annual bridal brunch was based out of our Belleville head quarters with an array of professional guest speakers consisting of Artist Makeup Academy, Mirage Artistic Photography, and Pure Ambiance NJ wedding planners just to name a few. Providing top-notch service LJDJ’s created an atmosphere for brides to reduce the stress they may be feeling as their day hastily approaches.
As per the past bridal brunch, the company holds itself to the highest possible standard of entertainment and design. The event went off without a hitch; guests enjoyed champagne, food, music and much more! This Bridal Brunch gave the brides an opportunity to experience and sample what these vendors have to offer and what they may see when dealing with the planning phase of their weddings. Brides were able to undergo free consultation meetings In order to find the trustworthy relationship between them and their vendors. We loved seeing our clients testing all of our great photo booths and new concepts for 2016 that LJDJs has.

That’s a guarantee!


(MC Mike Silva chatting up with our future bride and groom.)


(AMA prepping for our Bridal Make Up Consultations.)


(Pure Ambiance helping with dresses and more.)


(MC Jack providing just chatting it up!)

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of as a bride and even groom, don’t stress LJDJ’s will be hosting their next mixer in February of 2016. You’re all invited!

The professional staff at LJDJ’s understands how much you’re looking forward to your special day and the team wants to meet your expectations. I would highly recommend stopping by when they host their next Bridal Event. With a various group of specialists you’ll definitely pick up some good advice for not only a wedding but also a Sweet 16 or Quinceanera.

Keep you eyes open for our BIG announcement for 2016!



LJDJs Collaborates With Capezio, Maddie
Ziegler, Steve Madden Group and Betsey Johnson

By Calynn M. Lawrence

 Fashion is about embodying your personality within the garments
that you choose to wear. After all, you want to view your clothes as a canvas
for the art form that is character. Dress to express, not to impress!
 The team at LJDJ’s are certainly familiar with fashion being so important in the overall impact of presentation and atmosphere. Event host attire must be cohesive with the event that they are working. The event host is literally the life of the party and should act, speak and certainly dress as such!
            Jack Bermeo and his team at LJDJs recently hosted the official launch party of Capezio’s new dance wear line. The line is in partnership with Steve Madden Group, Betsey Johnson and their new Brand Ambassador Maddie Ziegler . This was an exciting time for LJ as they have achieved many things and formed countless reputable connections within the industry. However, this is definitely one of their biggest collaborations yet!
Jack Interviewing Maddie Ziegler and Betsey Johson
 The LJDJs Family!

The event was held at Capezio’s NYC flagship store and featured appearances by Maddie Ziegler and Betsey Johnson! Fans were able to meet and greet the celebrities and have their pictures taken with them (Which was then immediately print by our LJ photo party booth). LJDJs collaborated with the marketing teams of each fashion house in order to design an event which embodied the personalities of each of the celebrities.

 Thanks to CAPEZIO, they were awarded this opportunity to be able to make such a big move in the industry. They were welcomed into their family and warmly accepted for this endeavor!
The Capezio Family!


Bring Yourself To LJDJs Upcoming Bridal Brunch

By Calynn M. Lawrence

LJDJs event design and entertainment hosting company that has been on the rise for quite a while now. They have been making much collaboration with celebrities such as Donald Trump and Maddie Ziegler just to name a few. Even collaborated with some fashion phonemes such as Steve Madden and Betsey Johnson and makeup mavens such as Artist Makeup Academy. They have broken into the bridal industry and are currently paving their way to the fashion industry. They offer many different services such as hosting, lighting, music and representation! Sounds like an impressive company, right?

LJDJs is throwing a bridal brunch on Sunday, July 19th from 12 pm to 5 pm.

In addition to the high standards of the company, this will be a champagne brunch with food, great music, mimosas and more! There will be guest speakers who have established reputations in both the wedding / bridal industry along with fashion and makeup industry. They will be sharing special concepts for your special day along with offering free makeup trials to test out different looks for your day of glory. Some of the guest speakers include the founders of AMA, along with Julian Reyes of Park Savoy, Keith Rado of Fiesta Banquets, Linda Pergola of Frungillo Caterers,

Kisha of Pure Ambiance, Mirage Photography and Contessa Floral Designs!

Does this not sound like an amazing event to attend…?

If you’re looking forward to your special day with high hopes and anticipations I suggest that you stop by and to pamper yourself (and your VIP) and pick up a few pieces of advice for your Wedding day/Sweet 16 or Quiniceanera.

If you would like to attend it is being held at 549 Washington Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey 07109. For more information and details on this event along with LJDJS services, visit their website linked below.

RSVP by July 15th




Creating the Bridal Industry MEGA Collaboration!

Creating the Bridal Industry MEGA Collaboration!
Artist Makeup Academy Partners With LJDJs For Weddings And All Celebrations.
By Calynn M. Lawrence

    Weddings are a beautiful occasion. It’s the one day in a woman or man’s life when they feel like a true prince or princess basking in the awe and approval of everyone they love, especially the one they are going to marry. This considered, you would obviously wish to not only look your best but feel your best! What better way to accomplish a fun, festive wedding by hiring the perfect entertainment services, beauty phenomena and photography specialists! There is no other way to spin it. These things are a must! Luckily, I’ve got you covered. This article is going to share with you how you can achieve all of these things on your special day.
Artist Makeup Academy has now partnered with LJDJS entertainment services to service your special day! What a heaven sent collaboration! Both companies were already fabulously fantastic on their own. Now, they’re twice as nice since joining forces to break the bridal industry with the fiery forces of their awesome services! Their services have been seen all over social media and have worked with major make up artist from Youtube and Instagram like and well known celebrities . You can follow their cool progress all over the map!
Artist Makeup Academy is an unbeatable makeup artistry school that was started by two sister professionals and is taking over the fashion industry. In addition to excellent instruction, are currently expanding their geographic availability! They now have campuses in New Jersey and New York. The entire curriculum is molded so that their professionals are guided in technical skill and talent, business etiquette and professionalism. With such training as this, their makeup artists are obviously some of the best candidates that you should look to consider for you and your bridal party’s beautification on the most important day of your life.

amacom eps Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 6.21.48 PM

LJDJs Event Design and Entertainment has been in the business for over 17 years-almost 2 decades! They offer a diverse array of services including various forms of lighting,bilingual DJs, junk trucks and amazing lounge decor! On top of this, their growing fan base speaks for themselves giving high ratings and recommendations! They are sure to make sure that your day is not only tied holy by holy matrimony but has the most bumpin’ program around to keep your guests merrily amused! In addition to this, their photography unit handles beautifully by taking thousands of shots including moment driven images, portraits and close ups!

2014-6-19 Belleville NJ. LJDJs. Photos by: Greg Pallante


Mirage Artist Photography offers tons of great options for your event. From having one to 3 shooters the day of or just one professional capturing all those amazing memories. Let’s not forget about their same day edit options. It’s a big hit with weddings and adds a that one hint of uniqueness that separates your wedding from the rest.

I’m sure that you are overwhelmingly impressed by the stature of this stellar combination. As am I! This unparalleled partnership is shooting for the stars and you should certainly seek to join the movement! To retrieve further information regarding bookings, packages and prices please visit their websites listed below. Thank you!

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